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  1. Yea I misunderstood, no vest re-textures, just swapping out different vanilla assets onto the new multicam troops. I thought the NATO vests were being retextured to have their flag removed.
  2. Hi @hcpookie, for the flag removal of US uniforms, will you be removing the flags on the Carrier Special Rigs and Carrier GL Rigs? They are the closest thing we have to the kind of body armour worn by the Chinese peacekeepers in South Sudan, note the throat protectors and deltoid protectors looking at making some fully suited and booted Chinese allies or enemies in my unit. On the point of tanks, do you have plans to do the ZTZ 99A? Thanks! I appreciate your work and have been following the mod closely for the past 2-3 years! Keep it up!
  3. Some bugs to report. Looks like Tanks DLC has done you a favour . The tanks DLC interiors had basically made the interiors of the tanks a blank white box or just clipped inside the vehicle. ZBL-08 driver's head sticks out of the vehicle. Appreciate your work!