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  1. Gespenter

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    By any chance does someone have a new discord link? Any link ive found has been invalid.
  2. Gespenter

    How To Setup a Dual Monitor in Arma 3

    Do you mean Duplicate? I did that once before and when I launched arma 3 from the launcher, it went haywire and my monitors glitched out and caused the computer to restart. To fix it, i had to fiddle with my screens and hdmi cables for an hour. I am using windows 10.
  3. I am using 2 monitors and I would like to have one be a duplicate of the main monitor, that way I can turn to the left with my setup and use my HOTAS when I am flying planes or tanks. I am using a RX580, a ryzen 3 1300x, and 16GB overclocked to 3000mhz. I have attached a photo of my setup.