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  1. i would like to to change the init field of the game logic named "Hous1" with a trigger but dont know how to manage it :/ for example if someone walks into the trigger the init text for the game logic named "Hous1" should get deleated and should be replaced with something new? someone know the solution :(?
  2. Kleine Bea

    Door Close open Script

    If done the action menü. the only part which i need right now is to disable the gamelogic for idk 10 sec than the person could enter and than the door gets closes again. or to deleat the game logic and place it under the door after 10 sec to close it aswell.
  3. Hey i would like to make a script for lockig and cloasing doors, door locking i got but to open it again i got stuck :S ((nearestObjects [this, ["Land_i_House_Small_03_V1_F"], 5]) select 0) setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',1,true] there is the cod for locking the door setVariable ['bis_disabled_Door_1',0,true] this one should open it but i dont know where to put it in :S do you know good solutions with a player action menu lock door and unlock it ? thanks<3
  4. Kleine Bea

    TADST 2 server ?

    thanks, i fixed it :)
  5. Kleine Bea

    TADST 2 server ?

    Thanks i will try it :)
  6. Kleine Bea

    TADST 2 server ?

    tadst i shall use port 2314-2317 i unlocked them in my rooter and in my firewall but i am not able to see the server... but i look for the servers on a second pc ? do i need port forward the port on them aswell, than i can quit because noboady would port forward for the servers ? i tested it when i use port 2302 on one of both server it works when i use 2314 it doesnt :S what can i do next so solve it ?
  7. Hey i would liek to host 2 astland server one malden and one stratis but only the server shows in list which i lunched first and frist server gets port 2302 second server gets 2314. every server works when i lunch them alone but when i lunch them together first one is fine with port 2302 and second doesnt show :S i used this guide is it problematic if mysql uses same port and same passwort? when i go to lan i see all but than i am not able to join the Stratis server idk but when i lunch stratis over internet i am able to join and play :( someone know what to do ?
  8. Hey i host an wastland server but i cant finde the fiel where the money from the player gets saved ? there must be a file :( is it safed in sql file ? i have no idea :(
  9. Hey i would like to add no recoil to my admin menu on the server. so i added a line... but when i use it i get kicked probably beccause of an anti cheat stuf ? but how can i auterice me that i dont get kicked :S there is the option for god mod for wastland server // ****************************************************************************************** // * This project is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL v3. Copyright © 2014 A3Wasteland.com * // ****************************************************************************************** //@file Name: toggleGodMode.sqf if (isDedicated) exitWith {}; if ((getPlayerUID player) call isAdmin) then { _curPlayerInvulnState = player getVariable ["isAdminInvulnerable", false]; if (!_curPlayerInvulnState) then { thirstLevel = 100; hungerLevel = 100; player setDamage 0; player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0; player allowDamage false; vehicle player setDamage 0; player setVariable ["isAdminInvulnerable", true, true]; if (player getVariable ["FAR_isUnconscious", 0] == 1) then { player setVariable ["FAR_isUnconscious", 0, true]; }; (findDisplay 27910) closeDisplay 0; // ReviveBlankGUI_IDD //(findDisplay 27911) closeDisplay 0; // ReviveGUI_IDD hint "You are now invulnerable, and no recoil"; } else { player allowDamage true; player setVariable ["isAdminInvulnerable", false, true]; hint "You are no longer invulnerable"; }; };
  10. thanks i understud that but what do u mean with this " launch param: C:\server\a3server\arma3server_x64.exe "-BEpath=C:\server\a3server\battleye" (and your other commandline parameters like: -port/-noLogs/config/-cfg/-profile etc)" i dont know where to sat launch parameter and where or what it is sry :(
  11. hey i would like to add an gps script to my server i made all but at one part i got stuck this is To call the Menu Use the function gps_menu_fnc_loadGPSMenu to call the menu Example if you want to open it with an AddAction Here we subscribe to the gps_functions_compiled event to insure that the gps functions are defined. [missionNameSpace,"gps_functions_compiled",{ player addAction ["Open GPS",gps_menu_fnc_loadGPSMenu]; }] call bis_fnc_addScriptedEventHandler; what does this mean and what i have to do to get it running :S there is the link https://github.com/AmauryD/A3GPS/wiki/Installation
  12. Kleine Bea

    Center cordinnates malden ?

    thanks for your help, but i need only the nubersc to fill in the script the script not accept the cod , and im not so good to change the hole script to accept the cod :S
  13. Hey i need the center cordinates for a script from malden :S but i cant finde them :( for altis ist looks like "[14653,16758,0];" but cant finde it for malden :S someone know ?
  14. Kleine Bea

    Update server

    Got it, had to update the complete folder, now its working thanks
  15. Kleine Bea

    Update server

    i updated the 2 and slectedt the server.exe and startet it wih tadst but arma crashes :( there is a mistake somewear