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  1. This is the topic you're looking for:

    But I'm pretty sure there's some basic tips for the eden editor somewhere in arma.  And you're never going to have all the functionality of scripts in modules.  The list with modules is already pretty darn long and it doesn't even come close to what  you can do with scripts.

  2. 1 hour ago, P4R4S said:

    it's a very easy name so nothing can go wrong

    Plenty of things can go wrong.  You can have leading or trailing spaces, you can have a capital in one but not the other, ...

    1 hour ago, P4R4S said:

    So I save everything and just copy/ paste the link from the squad.xml inside my ArmA 3 profile in the menu after I've started the game.

    Did you check for leading and trailing spaces?

  3. [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 1, "40"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 2, "50"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 3, "51"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 4, "52"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 5, "53"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 6, "54"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 7, "60"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeSwRadio), 8, "61"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 1, "30"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 2, "31"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 3, "32"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 4, "33"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 5, "34"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 6, "35"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 7, "36"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 8, "37"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;
    [(call TFAR_fnc_activeLrRadio), 9, "38"] call TFAR_fnc_SetChannelFrequency;

    ^that's what I use

  4. You've got hundreds of mod conflicts, here are just a few:

    19:20:37 Item STR_DN_Cannone 30mm HE listed twice
    19:20:37 Item STR_DN_Cannone 25mm HE listed twice
    19:20:40 File col_gear_sp\col_rhs_overoles\col_rhs_ov_fac1\config.cpp, line 4: Config: ';' used as a separator in the array
    19:20:40 Conflicting addon My_pilot_uniform in 'col_gear_sp\col_rhs_overoles\col_rhs_ov_fac2\', previous definition in 'col_gear_sp\col_rhs_overoles\col_rhs_ov_fac1\'
    19:20:53 Global namespace not passed during: false
    19:20:53 Global namespace not passed during: false
    19:20:53 Error in expression <false>
    19:20:53   Error position: <false>
    19:20:53   Error Variabile locale in spazio globale
    19:20:53 Global namespace not passed during: false
    19:20:53 Global namespace not passed during: false
    19:20:53 Error in expression <false>
    19:20:53   Error position: <false>
    19:20:53   Error Variabile locale in spazio globale
    19:21:13 String STR_A3_UnderSlot0 not found
    19:21:14 Error in expression <PylonSelected9>0>
    19:21:14   Error position: <PylonSelected9>0>
    19:21:14   Error Variabile non definita nell’espressione: pylonselected9
    19:21:14 unable to compile MFD condition 'PylonSelected9>0'
    19:21:27 Warning Message: No entry '.vehicle_coshooter_1'.
    19:21:27 Warning Message: '/' is not a value

    I suggesting ditching all of your mods, then seeing if it works or not.  If it doesn't, send me an RPT when you're running the game 100% vanilla. 

  5. This appears the be the issue:


    22:19:22 Mission directory: a3\Map_Enoch_Scenes_F\Scenes\Enoch_intro1.Enoch\

    22:19:22 Error in expression <4.32 * (1 / (getResolution select 3)) * pixelGrid >
    22:19:22 Error position: </ (getResolution select 3)) * pixelGrid >
    22:19:22 Error Zero divisor

    Try starting arma with the default world empty.  No clue if that will fix it but it's worth a shot.


    On 10/1/2019 at 7:39 PM, Gunter Severloh said:

    @stanhope be specific with new guys

    I will put as much effort into my replies as people have put in their post. 

  6. 39 minutes ago, Nutzgo said:

    But if I want a another PC to be a HC, do I also need to buy a second copy of arma 3 for this to work? 

    No, a headless client is launched by passing certain parameters to the dedicated server executable.  Which anyone can get for free on steam.  Have a look at: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Headless_Client

    (well, you can also launch a HC by passing some arguments to a normal client but most use the dedicated server exe)

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  7. 1 hour ago, Nutzgo said:

    If so, is it possible then to use the online renting service as headless clients?

    Depends on the the renting service.


    1 hour ago, Nutzgo said:

    is this necessary?

    Well, headless clients offer some benefits but also have downsides.  You don't have to run a headless client.  Unless you're running a mission that has to have one. 


    1 hour ago, Nutzgo said:

    Or is it easier (or even possible) to I set up a headless client on the same computer I use for playing arma 3, and make it connect to the online server as an HC?

    It's possible, don't know whether it'll be easier, that depends on the mission you're running, the renting service, ...