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  1. I guess with the handle damage event handler?
  2. stanhope

    No damage script

    Are you using mods and/or is the unit on which you disallow damage in a vehicle?
  3. stanhope

    No damage script

    What's wrong with allowdamage? Do you only want to disable damage from certain sources?
  4. stanhope

    Priority Mission Slots

    From this page:
  5. See https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addItemCargoGlobal
  6. stanhope

    Need help with a trigger

    If there's only 3 tasks that all need to be finished: this && ["AA"] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "SUCCEEDED" && ["BB"] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "SUCCEEDED" && ["CC"] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "SUCCEEDED" If there's more than 3 tasks of which minimum 3 need to be finished: this && ({[_x] call BIS_fnc_taskState == "SUCCEEDED"} count ["AA", "BB", "CC", "DD", "EE", ...]) > 2 (untested)
  7. Have a look at the handle damage eventhandler. Apply it to the vehicle and repair if needed/wanted.
  8. You have a " addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", " that's being executed on everything that has an interface. This EH will fire every time an entity is killed, leading to it showing the messages on all machines. The quick and dirty fix is to add a "if (!local _killer) exitWith {};" right bellow the params of that EH. (untested) But that function can really use some serious refactoring.
  9. I don't immediately see anything out of the ordinary in that RPT. How are you starting that mission? Via multiplayer -> host a game?
  10. stanhope

    Connecting failed when joining any server

    Does this happen when you try to join any other servers? (for example the official ones) Are you behind an unusually strict firewall?
  11. stanhope

    New in Arma III

    The tutorials are very good at explaining the basics. You also don't really need a hotas system to play arma, keyboard and mouse will do.
  12. Are you using the same version as the server is using and have you tried repairing the mod? If it's not both of those try to reinstall the mod all together.
  13. Is the mod allowed on the server you're trying to join?
  14. Could you put that RPT into a spoiler? (the little eye icon in the text editor). Next, that RPT stops once the game has booted, it shows no information about the mission you're playing. Could you launch your game without any mods and post the RPT from that (also in a spoiler)?
  15. You can still achieve the same result via the ace settings afaik. If you don't want to do that look into the hit eventhandler.
  16. stanhope

    my loot is not spawning

    Which mission? How are you spawning loot? Could you give us, you know, any information?
  17. stanhope

    Body Armor Math

    What's the question you want answered?
  18. stanhope

    Detect Players with Main Wepons in area

    Is this a single or multi player mission? In case of single player: this && ((currentWeapon player) != "")
  19. The take event handler should do what you need. And I suggest using inventory closed instead of opened. From both of them call a function with your count code.
  20. That just hurts to look at: FNC_PUBLIC_CHANGE_CHARACTER = { params ["_string"]; private _cleanedArr = []; { switch (_x) do { case 39: {break;}; case 233: {_cleanedArr pushBack 101; break;}; case 228: { _cleanedArr pushBack 79; _cleanedArr pushBack 101; break; }; case 196: { _cleanedArr pushBack 65; _cleanedArr pushBack 69; break; }; case 246: { _cleanedArr pushBack 111; _cleanedArr pushBack 101; break; }; case 214: { _cleanedArr pushBack 79; _cleanedArr pushBack 69; break; }; case 252: { _cleanedArr pushBack 171; _cleanedArr pushBack 101; break; }; case 220: { _cleanedArr pushBack 85; _cleanedArr pushBack 69; break; }; default { _cleanedArr pushBack _x; }; }; } forEach toArray _string; toString _cleanedArr };
  21. stanhope

    Arma 3 Hard locking my pc

    I'm fairly certain that your system is bellow minimum specs, specifically your graphics card, which would explain why you get graphics related crashes. You can verify if you're above or bellow minimum specs using this website. As for a fix for your issue: I've found that using full-screen borderless allows you to open the task manager above arma most of the time. If that does not work and you're running win 10 you can also windows-tab (once you're no longer tabbed into arma), at the top hit the new desktop link and open task manager on this new desktop. Then just kill arma, hit windows tab again and close the desktop you created.
  22. private _string = "hélloWorld"; private _cleanedArr = []; { if (_x == 233) then { _cleanedArr pushBack 101; } else { _cleanedArr pushBack _x; }; } forEach toArray _string; private _cleaned = toString _cleanedArr; _cleaned //=> helloWorld Not exactly the cleanest solution but it works. There must be a better way of doing it though.
  23. Combine an inventory opened eventhandler with something like a UID in a setvariable. So some code: player addEventhandler ["InventoryOpened", { params ["_unit", "_container"]; private _isAllowedIn = true; if (_container getVariable ["isPersonalLocker", false]) then { _isAllowedIn = (_container) getVariable ["personalLockerOwner", ""] == getPlayerUID _unit; if (_isAllowedIn) then { hint "welcome to your locker"; } else { hint "this is not your locker"; }; }; _isAllowedIn }]; Untested. You'll need to setVariable isPersonalLocker to true on any locker you want to be a personal locker and setVariable personalLockerOwner to the UID of the owner.
  24. Been a while since I've updated it but I found some time, changes include maintenance command and better error handling. Full changelog in the first post.
  25. stanhope

    Arma 3 SEAL Team helicopter evacuation?

    Create a rope, attach the guys to it