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    Code question

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/splitString is what you're looking for. But I suggest using battleye for this instead of a script in your mission.
  2. I've pushed an update, changelog is in the original post and new version is available at the download link that is also in the original post.
  3. You mean the !help and !commands commands that are in there already or in my original post? Like a notification when it detects that the server is up? Or just the first time it detects it has gone up after it has gone down?
  4. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers/addMissionEventHandler#HandleDisconnect Combine that with a deleteVehicle _unit;
  5. true as in the boolean true, not the string true. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVariable
  6. Is the machine on which you're doing the servariable the same as the one you're doing the getvariable on? If not add "true" as a 3rd param to setVariable to make it global.
  7. Use a trigger or something to call https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forceWeaponFire when the chopper is supposed to fire
  8. Go into your database and: https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_drop_table.asp Do that for all the tables you can find here: https://github.com/AsYetUntitled/Framework/blob/11408d61c33ef77391a70196957cd23677baacf4/altislife.sql Or alternately just do https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_drop_db.asp
  9. stanhope

    Difficulty Settings Ignored?

    Don't know but just put player allowDamage false; in the debug console and execute it, once you're past the difficult situation do player allowDamage true;
  10. That's always been the case afaik. Make a script that takes away the stuff a player shouldn't have when he closes the arsenal. Some code that might be useful: inGameUISetEventHandler ["Action", " if (_this # 4 == localize 'STR_A3_Arsenal') then { [] spawn { waitUntil {sleep 0.05; isNull (uiNamespace getVariable 'RSCDisplayArsenal')}; //call cleanupcode here }; }; false "];
  11. if (isNil "codeAlreadyRunning") then {codeAlreadyRunning = false;}; while {triggerActivated trigger_alarm && !codeAlreadyRunning} do { codeAlreadyRunning = true; speaker1 say3D ["alarm1", 250, 1, false]; speaker2 say3D ["alarm1", 250, 1, false]; speaker3 say3D ["alarm1", 250, 1, false]; speaker4 say3D ["alarm1", 250, 1, false]; speaker5 say3D ["alarm1", 250, 1, false]; sleep 14.284; //duration of the sound codeAlreadyRunning = false; }; Something like this should fix that, untested.
  12. stanhope

    DLC "Contact" problem

    You've walked into that room right?
  13. stanhope

    Arma 3 DLL missing

    Can you run this test? https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri/requirements/arma-3-contact/18783 Your CPU is bellow recommended and you didn't share anything about your graphics card. Seeing how it's a directx issue I'd guess the problem could be that your graphics card isn't good enough.
  14. Well, if your trigger is set to detect enemy forces all it needs to detect what type of enemy it has detected and yes, the condition is checking for if the thing it has detected is a plane.
  15. Something along the lines of this && (thisList select 0) isKindOf "Plane" for the condition and in onActivation something along the lines of private _displayName = getText(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf (thisList select 0) >> "displayName"); hint format ["Enemy jet (%1) approaching!", _displayName ]; Both are untested and it will presumably only work properly for 1 enemy vehicle at a time.
  16. stanhope

    Realistic weapons addons

    ACE3? It converts vanilla weapons into more realistic stuff.
  17. stanhope

    Countermeasures Problem A-164

    Hi and welcome to this forum. Which mods are you running?
  18. stanhope

    ARMA 3 stutters bad

    Hi and welcome to this forum. What graphics settings are you running?
  19. Since the jets DLC GBU-12 are LOAL (lock on after launch), meaning that a lot of those tutorials you find on youtube are outdated. What you do nowadays is that you put your laser wherever you want your GBU to hit, fly away, come straight at the laser while looking through the targeting pot. On the targeting put you'll see a +-shaped reticle, that's where the GBU will hit if it doesn't lock onto anything. Get that close to the laser and drop the bomb. It'll lock onto the laser.
  20. (profileNamespace getVariable ["bis_fnc_saveInventory_data", []]); ^gives you all your saved loadouts in plain text, use copytoclipboard or something to actually get the data out of arma. Figure out which items are not allowed in arma and remove them from the array, then save it again.
  21. How are you creating the arsenal and could you provide an export of a loadout that's greyed out?
  22. stanhope

    Hosting a game

    I suggest to open 2302 up to 2310, just in case. And while you might not need tadst I find it helpful to host a server. It is not
  23. stanhope

    Hosting a game

    Hi and welcome to this forum. Have you run a port checker to verify that the correct ports are opened? Which ports have you opened? Are you using a program like tadst to help launch a server?
  24. stanhope

    Vertical sync not working

    Use a 3rd party program to limit your FPS? It's what I do.
  25. stanhope

    Sound bug with the A-164 Wipeout

    Hi and welcome to this forum. Do you happen to be using a USB headset? Or any kind of audio output that involves a USB and not simply a 3.5mm jack?