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    Problem with launching the game

    Could you paste %localAppData%/Arma 3 into your widows explorer (it'll navigate to the C:\Users\yourUser\AppData\Local\Arma 3), find the most recent .rpt file, copy its contents (use something like notepad) into something like pastebin.com and link it here?
  2. stanhope

    How to install ZEN mod on arma3

    Easiest way is to get it through steam: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1779063631 Once you've installed it through there it'll show up in the mods tab in your launcher and you can enable it there.
  3. stanhope

    AI and JTAC

    Depends on what it is exactly you're trying to do. Which mission are you playing or are you making one? If you're making one what exactly do you have in mind for the AI to do? Is the AI going to be a jtac for a player or for other AI? Do they need to actually lase the target or is it good enough that a laser is on the target and the AI is looking at that same target? Is the target stationary or moving? Is it a building, a vehicle, a group of infantry, ...?
  4. stanhope

    Arma is Unplayable

    What have you done so far to fix this issue? Have you verified game files?
  5. stanhope

    How to see Headless client FPS?

    This is what I used for a while, could probably be written better:
  6. stanhope

    Error with my server

    You have a mod installed on your server that has a dependency on a vanilla module that doesn't actually exist. Verify the integrity of your server's files to be sure but I'm pretty sure there just something wrong with the mod you're using.
  7. stanhope

    AMD users' lament.

    Have you had a look at this topic?
  8. This is what you're looking for:
  9. stanhope

    different arma vesion?

    The different arma version is a known bug but it doesn't affect anything. You can still join those servers, you'll just see the warning. For the freezing, could you share the RPT of the server?
  10. stanhope

    Server issue after Arma 3 2.08 update

    Could you share the RPT of your server?
  11. You report players losing connection a few minutes after joining, this topic is about not being able to join because of mismatching client and server versions of the game. Those are 2 completely different, most likely unrelated, problems.
  12. From the sounds of it the last 2 reported issue are not related to the one brought up by the original poster of this thread. So it'd probably be best to move them to their own topic, among other things so they can be more easily be found by other people having the same issue.
  13. stanhope

    Orange Addons problem

    Have you tried to verify the integrity of your game files? In steam right click on arma and hit properties, then look for local files in the menu on the left and click "verify integrity of game files"
  14. stanhope

    How apply bandage etc?

    You need to have a first aid kit in your inventory (the yellow thing) and when you're injured you'll get the heal action in your scrollwheel menu.
  15. It should still work, even though that error appears:
  16. stanhope

    Mod question???

    Which commands? If you're in command of your squad you can already give them commands in vanilla arma.
  17. stanhope

    How get team into a disembark?

    Other people might not have figured it out yet. Maybe share the exact problem you were having and the exact solution?
  18. stanhope

    Cannot get night vision to work ...

    9In vanilla arma you put the nigh vision on at night and press N, that's it.
  19. stanhope

    SAM systems set-up 2022

    Technically only the launcher should work. It'll work rather poorly because it has no datalink to acquire targets but it should work I've personally never seen it make a difference whether or not the ammo truck was manned. I don't think it's required. In my experience the AI of the launcher isn't going to keep the launcher fully loaded, you'll need to do that manually or through script. Unless you put someone down on the opposite team that is a UAV hacker it's impossible. I've never really seen UAV hackers in multiplayer so I don' t have much experience with it. Missiles can shoot further iirc Yes Terrain will definitely block the radar, I've never tested if objects do. Yes it needs to face in the right direction, it is a UAV and if the AI in the UAV picks up a target they'll center the radar coverage on said target iirc. Passive radar cannot be used by SAM systems to engage enemy aircraft iirc Yes and if you have a (h)arm yes. The radar will (if configured to do so) send the data it collects out via datalink. Any datalink enabled vehicle will receive this data.
  20. stanhope

    ARMA 3 profiling branch question

    Here's a list of all the branches: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Steam_Branches TL;DR: it contains (among other things) performance updates that haven't (yet) made it to the main branch.
  21. I personally work with windows symlinks for that if they're steam mods. If they're not steam mods you can put them anywhere and just watch the folder via the launcher that you put those mods in.
  22. stanhope

    Can't enter vehicle or open doors

    We're gonna need a bit more information to be able to answer your question. Could you share your RPT with us? Use something like pastebin.
  23. stanhope

    Drone feed panel won't stay open

    Does this happen in a single player vanilla game?
  24. Do you have an analogue stick plugged in that's bound to zoom in/out? Do you have some kind of headtracking like trackIr?
  25. stanhope

    i can't disable addon

    You can disable any DLC through steam if that's what you mean. In your steam library it should say "manage my x DLC" on the right somewhere, that's how to manage them. Or do you mean mods that you installed? If so, how did you install them? Just through steam? Then you can disable them in the launcher.