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  1. Seeking Casual, not really milsim Using mods Relaxed or semi-realistic (something to have some fun in) Good ol' teamwork A variety of ops (coop, PvP, etc) Somewhere to have fun and make some friends, really About Call me Binders 17 y.o. 230ish hours between Arma 2 and 3 (180 of it is Arma 3 I think) Experience with TFAR and ACE Live in the U.S. and can only speak English Experience with a unit in a different game, so I understand teamwork and basics of some leading I have a Flureon BM-300 mic (like, a proper mic) I love making videos, so I might actually free up some space to film ops Mid-range hardware Don't really have any preferred roles, I enjoy a little bit of everything Message me on the forums please! I'm excited to hear some offers.