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    Thanks for the tip klima.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm a US Arma 3 player looking for a part-time realism experience. I say part-time because I'm a college student and working a part-time job at the same time so play time depends on schedule and amount of HW I have to do. I love playing the game an RP just tired of servers where I'm trying to take it seriously and end up getting team killed. Heres my steam link to message me thanks, --------------------- http://steamcommunity.com/id/fbengel29/home
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    Hey everyone, I'm relatively new to the game but I have enjoyed every minute I have played the game. A few problems I have come across is trying to join multiplayer servers but can due to some add-ons I need. Just wanted to know some common mods everyone has so I can get into more games and have the best experience. Thanks and see you on the battlefield. Side note* I'm a decent player looking for a full mil-sim server, I take the games pretty serious and have Teamspeak and everything. I play in the US servers let me know whats out there. Thanks again,