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  1. Looking for players who want to do COOP missions, like Liberation, Invade and Annex, and CTI. we run our own server, have a dedicated group of people who love to play Arma. We do play other games too, were not Arma 100% of the time, but if you're looking for a fun group to play with that tries to be Mil Sim at heart. hit us up on our group page 321st Special Tactics Squadron page on Steam, or me personally at Papa Bear 321st.
  2. Squad name:321st Special Tactics Sqaudron Timezone/location :EST Gamemode preference We do COOP CTI and Invade and Annex Contact email: andrewkutzor@yahoo.com Website address: Short description: Were a smaller unit of close knit guys who are looking for more players who like to do Milsim missions, The three main admins are British, American, and Aussie. Nothing is mandatory, just looking to play some Arma and have fun. Language: Any English