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    problem BIS_fnc_attachToRelative (Resolved)

    no, I didn't try it. I will pass you another check made in relation to the main post. If the pilot is AI it will not work if he is a driving player yes.
  2. I would like to report a problem with the function BIS_fnc_attachToRelative. If applied to an air vehicle, for example the helycopter, if I try to move the vehicle from the ground, it starts flying while it goes higher it doesn't respond to any order. If necessary check and correct the problem please, I'm looking forward receiving your answer, thanks. after careful evaluation I discovered reason. It depends on the type of object created. If Items_base_F object work If static object No work I hope it can be useful to someone.
  3. Hello everyone and congratulations for the work done. I am recently using this database mod. I have a problem with jip. If a player enters the mission after the start, the repositioning of the player does not work. Notice that I performed the tutorial on youtube step by step. Thanks in advance for your reply. I add other info I noticed that when entering the jip it writes a default file and inside it is written [Player info] Name = "" Error: No vehicle "" Location = "[0,0,0]" [Player Gear] Gear = "[]" evidently create this file and then throw the jip at coordinates 0,0,0 update hour 14;42 I believe the problem arises here ... "checkForDataBase" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_data"]; _data = (_this select 1); _clientID = (_ data select 0); _UID = (_data select 1); _playerName = (_data select 2); _inidbi = ["new", _ UID] call OO_INIDBI; _fileExist = "exists" call _inidbi; if (_fileExist) then { null = [_ UID, _clientID] execVM "getData.sqf"; } Else { null = [_ clientID, _UID, _playerName] execVM "createdatabase.sqf"; }; }; does not recognize _UID and creates a new file called default.ini update hour 16;15 further developments. I went back to the code _UID = getPlayerUID player; present in the init.sqf _UID is "" for the jip. this seems to be the problem
  4. I recommend changing the code using the one below. _list = _center nearRoads _dist; _road = _list select (round random (count _list)); _roadConnectedTo = roadsConnectedTo _road; _connectedRoad = _roadConnectedTo select 0; _direction = [_road, _connectedRoad] call BIS_fnc_DirTo; _pos = getpos _road; _posx = _pos select 0; _posy = _pos select 1; _tx = (_posx + (_rDist * sin(_direction))); _ty = (_posy + (_rDist * cos(_direction))); _iedPos = [_tx,_ty,0];
  5. Hi Devastator, I read about some mission makers who ask you for the creation of a mod. I'm Grenadier of ITF and I have created a mod (Gren EVO) focused mainly on objects and modules arrived at version 3.9. This allows the creation of missions easily and quickly without too many scripts. If you wish I could implement your work in my mod by creating a specific module. Simply insert the form into the map and enter the names of the wp, vehicles and other items that you might consider appropriate in the specific fields. For example I thought to include the possibility to insert a timeout for each wp. ;) If you wish I will be at your disposal. Hi.
  6. Hi, I'm creating a simple module and into editor works fine. When I go on the server (dedicate) works, except for a simple hint format message that does not appear. Following a syntax of the module code. private ["_Gren_time_Blackout_M","_Gren_CountDown_MSG"]; _logic = param [0,objNull,[objNull]]; _Gren_time_Blackout_M = _logic getVariable ["BlackOut_Time_G",6000]; _Gren_CountDown_MSG = _logic getVariable ["BlackOut_MSG_G",false]; code....bla bla bla... if (_Gren_CountDown_MSG) then {hintSilent format ["in progress; %1 %2", _Gren_time_Blackout_M," sec."];}; I wait for your verdict anxiously!!!
  7. Resolved! isGlobal=1; in config.cpp