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  1. Oh shit. I'm stupid. The "binarize the scenario file" box was checked when I saved... just figured it out. Thanks to anyone who gave it any thought. :D
  2. So I have an issue with the Ares addon. It's not something that should be required to play or edit the mission, but for some reason, Arma thinks it is. I haven't used it more than just load up the map with the addon in the editor. After searching I found that I can simply remove the addon from the SQM mission file. Here comes the issue... When I go to edit the file with Notepad++ or notepad or any text editor it does not show what others see when they edit the file. As you can imagine this causes me not to know what to remove or not. I have tried CTRL+F searching for keywords, like "ares" and it brings them up but the context of their location is unknown to me. Maybe I'm viewing the file wrong or something. (: What I see when I CTRL+F in Notepad++ ares
  3. Update: After the factory reset, everything is running fine now. Not sure what it was exactly. But it is fixed. Thanks, to everyone that helped me!
  4. So in order for me to get the most out of my GPU, I need to have it well cooled? That makes sense. So until it gets well cooled it actually underperforms products that are "less powerful" because it's not cool enough to run at its full potential. Is that what I'm seeing? Also, is this completely unrelated to Arma freezing/restarting my computer? Or could it be part of the issue? If so, what can I do to get it cooler? Add more fans? Thanks for going beyond helping me fix Arma! (:
  5. Let me clarify. My CPU reaches 70c max with a stress test. Not just running arma. Same thing with my GPU. With a stress test, it hits a max of 83c. with fans on auto. From what I have looked up, that seems about normal. Maybe a little hotter than most for my CPU. But my CPU is rated past 90c. So I don't see how that's the issue. Sources: Gpu temps: CPU temps:
  6. I have just Factory reset my computer. So I am reinstalling Arma 3 right now. Gonna try that ram thing. I got two sticks of 8gb ddr4 ram. Currently running GPU and CPU at stock settings. Nothing modified. Might be a bit before I try each slot with both Ram Sticks individually placed. and run at least 15min sessions before it freezes or restarts. Might be a lengthy diagnosis. But I will let you know if anything changes. Thanks for the quick help so far. :)
  7. -I have tested with no mods. -I have confirmed game cache. -I'm going to try the ram thing right now. -And I have my Arma and all mods stored on D drive. that is a hybrid Hardrive. -I have stock windows defender. Nothing more or any kind of bundleware. I'll get back too you with the results. :)
  8. Hmm. All my temps seem to be fine. Never getting above 70C with the CPU. GPU never got above 83C. The computer is custom built. My buddies and I put it together. The GPU card came with a loose fan wire, but with a little tweaking, I managed to fix it. I slapped my computer(Kinda hurt my hand), although I laughed at the thought of it at first, I thought might as well. Nothing happened and the computer continued to run fine. Ran a stress test for both CPU and GPU. They both performed perfectly. Temps were fine. My CPU is liquid cooled and I used the paste that came pre-applied. I haven't updated the driver for the liquid cooler, but I don't think that's a big deal. One more thing to add... Arma is the only game I have had particular issue happen on, but... on other games after a bit of play, my fps might drop by a solid 20 frames or so and then remain at that point from then on. Restarting my computer fixes the fps drop issue, but then comes back after a bit more of playtime. And repeat.
  9. My computer Freezes or restarts after 1min-1hr of playtime in Arma 3 using no Mods. I play on HostileTakeover.co -King Of The Hill - US #2 - Infantry. I'm not sure if it does it only for this server or not, but I have hosted a server using port forwarding and was able to play for +2hrs without crashing with my friends. My system specs: https://pastebin.com/vHictppN RPT crash report: https://pastebin.com/qHYUi5ng One more RPT log: https://pastebin.com/Qq7brEci Paramaters: