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  1. So about a year and a half ago I had both Arma 2 and 3 on my Steam account but didn't really play because I was really into Dying Light. I didn't play for about 3 months until I get a comment on my Steam profile where I was accused of cheating on their server. They banned my account so I reinstalled Arma 3 and sure enough, I was permanently banned for cheating. Steam never sends me emails for anything except for when I didn't use my phone which was at that time. I have my email hacked quite often so I am assuming that someone got into my steam and found out my email info because it obviously wasn't too hard to find. I tried appealing my ban but since Steam didn't give me an email so I couldn't give proof that it wasn't me cheating. I really love these games and all servers seem to be run with Infistar so I can play on like 1/500 servers I find. What other options do I have? I don't really have money so I can't buy another copy of the game nor do I want too.
  2. I have recently re-downloaded Arma 2 and OA to go back to the Arma 2 DayZ mod. I also re-downloaded Arma 3 from a few months ago to play Exile. When I joined a server, it turns out I was Infistar banned on both games. I never hacked on these games so I thought someone got into my steam account and hacked. I am looking to find a way to change my CD key on steam.