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  1. Hey folks how’s it going. I’m here to tell you about a new community to Arma 3, but a popular community back during Arma 2’s popular days. The owner who originally brought the community up decided to revive it. The original Deluxe Gaming Society during Arma 2 was a life Server on Cherno. So this time we are bringing it back as a plain old Altis life server.....nah..Bish let me tell you we are working hard on this. We have plans to add TFAR as soon as possible for better role play, we have a small mod pack that is not required to join, but would enhance gameplay. We do have a server up as of now as well as teamspeak. Down the line we would like to incorporate a milsim into the community, and we may throw up different kind of missions such as wasteland, end game, stuff like that. Because no one wants to play one thing all the time. Server IP: Teamspeak IP: Website (Still workin on it): http://deluxegamingsociety.net/ We do have a lot of appreciation for first responders as the owner, myself, and another fellow are fr’s ourselves, along with some enthusiasts. We welcome all military folk as well. The server has been fitted with some custom scripts, sounds, and textures. And more will be added along the way. Our website is currently being worked on. But is ready for people to sign up. We are looking for any developers who would like to help out and also play on our server. We do not expect anyone to be on 24/7, everyone has a life. Except me. Police and Fire positions are open and ready. We welcome any member, preferred if you are mature...but...we’re desperate..dear god help us..