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  1. MidaZ IDG

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    It wasn't a steam version. Just a custom made version my friend found. Now I've downloaded the KP one. Thanks man! Btw, I've found how to lock advanced flight mode. Just set forceRotorLibSimulation = 1; in your description.ext Saddly I had to start all over again, but now I can start adding Alive modules on Eden. A loss made a win. Thanks man!
  2. Hey Roy86! Thanks for the script man! But unfortunately I'm having some issues. Maybe you can help me out. The code I used is the server one: private _carrier = createVehicle ["Land_Carrier_01_base_F",[9202.701,25039.354,59.762],[],0,"None"]; _carrier setPosWorld getMarkerPos "marker_0"; _carrier setDir 0; The problem is: If I input position on line 1 (createVehicle), it spawns half in the water, half outside of it. The left side of the carrier is sinking. the right one is ok. If I input in the SetPosWorld. It spawns flying. And if I use it on both lines, it spawns 2 carrier, one on top of each other xD It's really funny, but, not what I intend haha I've changed the setDir to 0, in order to keep it facing north. No problem with that.
  3. MidaZ IDG

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    In advance, I'm using Altis V 0.923 and checked line 580 and it's not there. But I've managed to find it!! It's line 126-138 class Item2 { value="3"; parentCls="ModuleCurator_F"; typeName="Addons"; }; class Item3 { value="0"; parentCls="ModuleCurator_F"; typeName="Forced"; I don't know what value is good tough. I've set it to 3, thinking I could also edit/move players and etc. But I can't. And forced I've set to 0, because I wanna be able to move my player and still be Zeus when I need it. 2- The medic system is working now. Thanks man!!! 3- The only way to edit things is using Zeus? Will it be possible to build inside a sector? I really wanna take over an airport and make it our air force base :P i've tried to edit it in Scenario. But the new mission.sqm is very short, simple and full of black squares xD. Maybe if I import the mission, will it keep the mission.sqm as it is, instead of changing it? 4- Also, there is a way to add forceRotorLibSimulation to make the server flying mode only advanced? Thanks for your help man!
  4. MidaZ IDG

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    This mission is the best Coop mission to play! Really! I'm loving it. But I'm having some issues regarding some tweaks to the gameplay. 1- I can't manage to find the line in mission.sqm to make changes to unlock zeus to use as admin. There is no ModuleCurator_F_addons line. property="ModuleCurator_F_Addons"; expression="_this setVariable ['Addons',_value,true];"; class Value { class data { class type { type[]= { "SCALAR" }; }; value=0; }; }; 2- Everytime I try to make a change to building range, it keeps saying that I need to build at least 300 Meters. _minsectordist = GRLIB_capture_size + GRLIB_fob_range; to: _minsectordist = 1; Changed it to 0 in order to build inside a sector, so I could build an airport (Because zeus is not working :P) 3- Can't get the ace medical system to work. Altough I changed everything in addons options, medical menu isn't showing any injuries on body parts, so I guess it's using liberation damage and medical option instead of ACE. Can you please help me, oh dear liberation god? HAHA Thanks for the mission, man. Keep up the great work!