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  1. Hello, I'm currently experiencing a glitch where any custom face I input into my profile displays all the custom tattoos, decorations, etc., but does not properly display facial features such as nose, eye, lip, or skull structure. This is the face I have prepared for my custom face. Please note that the file size is 45 KB: https://gyazo.com/f10e44028049a11f107b93ee0383c09b. This is how it reflects on Arma 3 Profile: 1. Front: https://gyazo.com/bc25081991a42daac9fd16c500f719f4?token=5146716cc81accc8c36c910a7f399fc8 2. Side: https://gyazo.com/bc25081991a42daac9fd16c500f719f4 In comparison, I took the same profiles shots from Jeong: 1. Front: https://gyazo.com/decc7491874bace158e4f8c29c17acdc 2. Side: https://gyazo.com/748be6d5a94fd21869629ce9211d32eb Issue: The face does not properly reflect the facial structure that is predominant in the other Asian faces. The skin complexion, protruding nose, and prominent brow are all indicators that something isn't functioning properly. I've also tried this with other characters of other ethnicities as well. The issue remains the same. The facial skeleton of the custom character never changes and also dramatically lightens the skin complexion of which ever template I use. Solutions Attempted: 1. Attempted to launch Arma without mods. 2. Reinstalled Arma. 3. Verified cache and files 4. Attempted various templates including characters extracted from game files 5. Tried faces on different profiles 6. Deleted and rebuilt profiles 7. Use fewer custom designs I'd like to thank everyone for their tips and assistance. Thank you for your time and consideration.