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  1. Hey Guys,


    Tonight the 160th SOR starred in a different type of mission...


    Gearing into our civvie gear the 160th pushed to the southern island of Sahrani.


    Pushing towards objectives; Silence and Paradise to clear them out of Private Military Forces.


    Pushing in a hard fight, we ended up clearing the island and finishing up at the airfield.


    Thanks to Support Specialist King for the mission.


    Signing Off, Support Specialist Stacks

  2. Hey Guys,


    Tonight the 160th Special Operations Regiment pushed through the eastern side of the main island of Tanoa.


    Starting off heading toward a recaptured objective Water, closely accompanied by mechanized and air.


    The three infantry squads pushed north along the coast of Tanoa capturing objectives; Water, Ice and Sky.


    Yet again a big thanks to Lieutenant Colonel Deek for another addition to the campaign, hopefully there's more to come.


    Signing Off,


    Support Specialist Stacks

  3. Hey Guys,


    Tonight the 160th Special Operations Regiment were stationed to the at the South-Eastern part of Altis.


    Landing north of the town of Charkia the 160th pushed down with armour to secure 2 advantageous bottle-necking positions.


    We then pushed down to the town of Dorida and pushing back all CSAT forces behind the last line of defense.


    Special thanks to Special Seshins for the awesome mission.


    Signing Off,


    Support Specialist Stacks

  4. Hey Guys,


    Tonight the 160th Special Operations Regiment push through the South-Eastern Islands of Tanoa,

    Pushing through the island capturing objectives Earth and Wind before pushing onto the main island to secure objectives Fire and Water.


    Thanks to Lieutenant Colonel Deek for the constant mission support and elongated campaign.


    Signing Off,


    Support Specialist Stacks

  5. Hey Guys,


    Tonight the 160th SOR fought against Russian Forces fighting through Leskovits,


    Proceeding north  the 160th fought against adjusted medical systems, making fights a lot more difficult resulting in a lot more casualties.


    After pushing back the Russian Forces back to the town of Silvonik after retreating due to high casualties.


    Due to 160th efforts the Russian Forces have retreated to the NW and prepared a hefty defense.


    Thanks to Corporal Delusional for the mission and to Lieutenant Colonel Deek for assisting.


    Signing Off,


    Support Specialist Stacks

  6. Hey Everyone,


    Tonight was the third instalment in Lieutenant Colonel Deek's campaign. The 160th continued their assault on Tanoa. Alpha pushed to secure Objectives Demeter, Vitality and Wisdom with the help of Tombstone in a Pandur. Bravo pushed to secure objectives Hades and Intelligence. Both squads faced hard fought battles and Mass casualties, but fought strong and pulled through.


    Thanks to Lieutenant Colonel Deek for the continuation of his campaign.


    Private First Class SoupHooker.

  7. Hey Guys,


    Tonight the 160th SOR continued with Operation Trident, pushing forward and securing objectives; Aphrodite, Dexterity and Wisdom.


    Finishing up with operation Wisdom, the 160th SOR will be pushing to objective Strength next week.


    Thanks to Lieutenant Colonel Deek for the mission and another brilliant mission to the campaign.


    Signing Off,


    Support Specialist Stacks

  8. Hey Guys,

    Tonight the 160th Special Operations Regiment, embarked on an operation to free 9 captured hostages from a black hawk crash. That went down in Northwestern Takistan.

    The 160th were separated into 2 squads, spanning out over 2 objectives before both centering toward the town of Nagara for hostage extraction.

    Cheers to Lieutenant Colonel Meatbeat for the amazing mission.

    Signing Off,

    Support Specialist Stacks

  9. Hey Everyone,


    The Beast in the Middle East, ISIS, has once again been thwarted in its attempts to bring down modern civilization. Multiple hostages were taken by ISIS within Takistan, and the 160th was tasked with rescuing the friendly forces from their captors. The 160th advanced under cover of darkness,  flawlessly executing their mission and retrieving all nine hostages with no friendly casualties.


    Thanks to  Lieutenant Colonel Meatbait and Staff Sergeant Lambert for running tonight's mission.


    Private First Class SoupHooker

  10. Hey Everyone,


    Tonight the 160th began Operation Trident, a three-pronged assault on the Island nation of Tanoa. The 160th forces were opposed by local militia and 4th Reich forces. Supported by 1st Ranger Battalion in the north and Special Troop Battalion to the east, the 160th landed at LZ Poseidon and proceeded to secure the eastern side of the island. By nightfall, the 160th had begun to dig in as the 4th Reich attempted to unsuccessfully push back.


    Congratulations on Lieutenant Colonel Deeks triumphant return to mission making.


    Private First Class SoupHooker

  11. Hey Everyone,

     Tonight was a quicker mission, the 160th SOR continued the tactical withdrawl against the savage horde from 25MAR18. Having reached the island of Stratis, the scattered battalions pushed onto the western airfield to re-org with friendly air assets. The extraction was successful and all 160th assets have returned home.
    Thanks to Airman Diesel for the two mission zombie campaign, nice change of pace.


    Private First Class SoupHooker

  12. Who are we?


    The 160th SOR is one of Oceania’s largest, Arma 3 MilSim unit that prides itself on our sense of community and dedication to the game and each other. We have 3 main regiments that recruits can join they are; 28th Infantry Regiment, 69th Armored Regiment and finally the 101st Air regiment. Each regiment has a team of dedicated leaders and trainers to help ensure that everyone gets the best experience and advice as possible.


    What do we do?


    Every week, the 160th run two major operations. The official operations are held on a Wednesday and on a Sunday, both at 18:30 Sydney time (AEST/AEDT depending) with an average turnout of over 40 players. The 160th use a wide range of mods, including assets from ArmA 3 Apex, to enhance the gameplay experience. Favorite mods such as RHS, ACE3 and TFAR are in our pack, as well as some custom mods.


    To help grow and improve our members, weekly training is held to teach various in-game skills that help players to become a more effective member of the 160th, as well as growing their potential. Each training is lead by hand-picked and highly skilled trainers that have run their specific training course multiple times.


    In between major Operations and training sessions, various community members run their own unofficial operations, as well as play other games such as Eco, Factorio, Squad, etc. The 160th is primarily a MilSim Unit but we still function as a gaming community.


    Requirements to join.


    The 160th does have a few requirements for new members to join, these are:


    - All applicants must be 17 years or older to be successfully accepted.

    - You must have prior experience with the ArmA series.

    - Arma 3 Apex DLC is needed to play on the 160th

    - Applicants need to be able to take part in Official ops when possible

    - Applicants can not have a ping of 285 ms or higher

    - You must have a clear microphone.

    - You must have TeamSpeak 3.

    - You must read the rules before applying.

    - You will require ArmA3Sync and roughly 25Gb of hard disk capacity in order to download the modset.


    Still interested?


    If you are still interested in joining one of Oceania's best MilSim units, come visit our website at www.160th.net for more information and the join application. Alternatively, join our teamspeak at ts.160th.net and speak to one of the recruitment team today.





    Support Specialist Stacks