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  1. Mad Eye Moody

    my convoy dont works

    Are you looking each vehicle with the lead vehicle? Start with the one at the back and move towards the lead. Don’t link to the one in front. I also had issues with empty vehicles. Check out White Raven tutorials on YouTube
  2. Mad Eye Moody

    Eden Editor Switch Trigger Missing

    Puzzled as to which waypoint to apply the “skip waypoint” to. For example if I send a heli out on a search and destroy mission then want it to divert and pick up a squad, Do I set the trigger to the search and destroy waypoint or the land one?
  3. OK so further explanation. If I load Arma3 from the Steam APP I can access my correct game profile "Tim" but I do not have the mods and addons loaded into the Steam App. So, I went on to use Arma3sync for 3 different servers with 3 different modsets, perfectly for about 300 hours. However, last week when I fired up Arma3Sync I believe there was an automatic update. Following that update I cannot access my profile "Tim" in Arma3sync. All I get in the drop down menu is Default. No matter what I do (i only have a limited knowledge) I cannot get the profile to load up.
  4. Hi Major, I have an issue with ArmA3Sync profile selection. In the drop down menu I do not see any of the saved profiles I have in the steam launched version of the game. All I get in the drop down menu is Default. I can create new profiles but I cannot use any of the Steam profiles. Would a complete uninstall and re install of ArmA3Sync sort this out? If so how do I do it?