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  1. Hey george, So for that SQF to function properly, all units would need to be located in the same group? Or would this SQF have all other groups support the one who spots the players/comes under fire?
  2. Firecracker048

    Ai accuracy

    If you use Achillies, you can adjust specific things such as Accuracy and Aim Shake.
  3. Is there anywhere I find the AAN opening? I got the overlay working, but now I just need the British voiceovers and the AAN opening and closing scenes for the video.
  4. Welcome to Global Vanguard Security, a multinational Private Military Corporation Who we are: A PMC that officially founded in 2019, we are a group of operators who enjoy a serious operation environment while enjoying a casual atmosphere outside of operations. What we do: GVS accepts various types of contracts, ranging from single deployments to multi-staged operations to satisfy the needs those who hire us. We are hired by both nations and rebel forces, we hold no allegiances except for those that pay the most. What we expect from you: You are required to be 18+ years old to apply and be accepted into the unit. We expect a high level of maturity and adherence to unit policies. There is no attendance requirement, however you will be highly encouraged to attend trainings to move forward in the unit. When joining, you will be assigned a role that will restrict you to a rifleman slot only. Through a few trainings you will be moved into a role that will allow you to expand your knowledge of combat and arma. Why you want to join: Clearly defined roles and unit structure show a clear path forward to move within the unit. All members are encouraged to constantly improve and train to keep up with changing doctrine. Once you have established yourself, you can be given the ability to create and upload your own eden missions to host. All players are allowed to host impromptu, or on the fly, operations from a zeus perspective. How to join: Follow the discord link https://gvsops.net/discord and a staff member will be with you shortly.
  5. Overview: Zeus Operation group. Casual Milsim. Regular Operations based on a flexible schedule set by Zeuses. Impromptus take place between ops, as well as other games. Microphone required. Teamspeak required for TFAR in Ops, General communication on Discord. No previous multiplayer knowledge required, but a willingness to learn is. About us: The Sons of the Fallen Nation was founded in late 2017 by a group of veterans with a love of teaching and a desire to craft a more inclusive and democratic group. Our modpack is updated biweekly after discussion amongst all members. We run standalone ops, and have recently created lore operations in a very detailed and in depth environments including logistic and financial assets. These have proven to be very immersive and enjoyable for all involved. What does casual milsim mean to us? It means creating an environment that is as realistic as possible, while leaving the ranks and yes sir no sir crap at the door and not taking the realism so far that it stops being fun. Our Operations: SOFN believes in a Zeus style that heavily lends itself to a storytelling style. A mission that simply consists of “go here and blow this up” has proven to get stale without a backstory and other storytelling. Debriefs occur after every major op, and the Zeus is expected to accept just as much constructive criticism as the teams. Our play-style: Players are expected to bring a great attitude and a desire to learn, after years and collectively tens of thousands of hours, we still are constantly learning and discovering new things about Arma, Ace, and the interactions between all of the mods. Roles are not fixed. Each person has their own playstyle, and while we try to accomodate that, if all you want to do is snipe or fly, our unit isn’t right for you. That’s not to say you won’t be given the opportunity to do those things, but divas have no place in SOFN. Everybody may ask to become Squad lead or fill a certain role. The only concession is that the player then does his utter best to fill that role and doesn't take a role he knows he's unqualified for. In general it is expected of each and every player to direct every decision made towards the success of the Operation. In “Lore” ops in particular, we do restrict pilot and sniper roles to those who have demonstrated those skills, as the loss of an asset or a missed shot can have drastic effects on the group as a whole. Our equipment: SOFN has a starts with RHS and ACE and builds from there. SMA and select NIArms are also included, along with FFAA. How to join Fill out the attached forms in triplicate with a Ballpoint, not Gel pen and… naw fuck that just join the discord and start playing! https://discord.gg/BsEnVZn