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  1. I want to record the player's uid, kill the enemy number, name to the database in the multiplayer mission, to show the player's killing number, How to use extdb3 to record the player's killing number, uid, name to the database?Please help me, thank you!

    rcon lib

    java how to connect and log in rcon? There is no jar package?
  3. Even in the trigger safe area shooting, and sometimes pop-up message box, how to solve this?
  4. I am using your safe zone script encountered a problem, the player flying a fighter flying out of safe zone will pop up a prompt box, how to solve this...
  5. How to add a function of this code, shot control lost within 30 seconds after shooting power, and make the game a black screen tips, and then returned to normal after 30 seconds
  6. disableUserInput false; Why can not the command release player control?
  7. java how to connect to the battleye implementation instructions? there is no help documentation? if yes please help me, thank you!
  8. Then write a safe area SQF script? Prohibit shooting in a safe area, banning tank firing, banning aircraft firing, leaving the safe area without restriction, and firing more than 3 shots out of the server. I am using translation, if you do not understand what I am saying, please leave a message! Thank you for your help!