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  1. Squad name: 4th Infantry Division [4thID] Timezone/location: North America (We do have members from other locations such as: Norway, Australia, and the UK) Gamemode(s): CO-OP ( Currently on Liberation, next will be Insurgency, then Patrol Ops) (Weekdays server is unlocked for everyone to join , weekends we have 4thID only Operations and server is locked for those operations) Description: The 4th Infantry Division is a unit that mixes Realism, and Fun. Overly realistic can draw people away as the fun aspect is normally taken away. We do our best to merge the best of both worlds into one. We have a solid Chain of Command which includes a few former U.S. Army personnel. With their help we are able to maintain a Realism feel during our Ops, Training, and just during the weekday public days. We are recruiting, only requires are as follows: - Working Microphone - 16+ Years Old (Unless able to prove maturity) - Willing to follow the Chain of Command - Willing to work as a team Language: English Mods List: You can find our current mod's list for the server at the link below Mods List (NOTE: This WILL be changing soon as we are changing maps) Information: Discord: Join Here ( You can find information about recruiting on discord ) Teamspeak: Server IP: