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  1. Hey there, So I rented a server 2 days ago and have successfully uploaded Exile on Server through my server provider (Host Havoc). Yesterday I realized that the debug console was not working and started looking into how to change it. Short disclaimer: I'm new to all this. So I logged into the server via filezilla and went to MPmissions and went into Excile.Altis.pbo to change "enableDebugConsole = 0" to "enableDebugConsole = 1" so that I could access the console via game as admin. Every time I do this, I run into the problem that my server won't properly load game and I cannot log in. After trying to start up server again I get the following message: "ErrorMessage: Data file too short 'mpmissions\Exile.Altis.pbo'. Expected -777871866 B, got 358682 B". I went back and changed it back to "enableDebugConsole = 0" and now it still won't upload. If I change the map/mpmission to Exile.Tanoa.pbo which I have not touched, server loads up just fine. Does someone know what I am doing wrong? I might just be making a obvious mistake since I am new to this. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate it! thank you:D