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    Problem with tanks

    Hello i found long ago one great addon for arma 2 so i decide to import it to arma 3 and it work. But problem is when i drive a tank and when try to use break or just stop holding move key vehicle raises the rear and can overturn on other side. How to fix this problem ? By the way other staff like trucks and light mechanized armor dont have this problem. If somebody know how to fix this pleas help
  2. Hello, okey here is thing am currently in community which had great Arma 2 mod but now when they are in Arma 3 they have lack of content and they mod team left them, so i wanted to export mod from arma 2 into arma 3 and i did it BUT problem is half vehicles are just simple statics which cant be ussed, and some of models cannot be seen in game.One friend told me to find config of models and change it cuz config is different in arma 2 and arma 3 but i cannot find config. So if somebody know what to do please help and thank you.