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  1. Regarding the ship (pardon my lack of sea savvy), I'm going to say that the front left door on the deck is somewhat glitchy, in that if you open it wrong, you can get stuck in that corner next to it or just straight up get pushed off the ship. If you're at least caught and crouch, you get smushed into the corridor where you should have entered in the first place. I think what you can do is maybe mirror the door so it opens inward, like the front right door.
  2. Chief1924

    Tanks - Vanguard MP Mode

    As mentioned before, I hope this game mode gets put in the official server list, as (at least in my experience, which up to now has not been too much) the player count has been pretty low. I believe this mode has great potential as (I think) it is one of the few if not the only mode that naturally incorporates heavier armor, which is something I am very interested in. Please consider doing this alongside the hotfix if you haven't already, I'd really like to see what this game mode is "supposed" to look like.
  3. On Requiem Mission 3, please refine the AI of the 2 Slammers that are supposed to flank the defensive lines from the East after you take out that big wave. In my playthrough, they just stood where they were. Luckily, I had a Zeus mod on (I don't cheat :P) and I could look around to see what was the problem (it was especially confusing because I didn't know whether to wait or search and destroy, but stray too far and you get scolded, even fail mission). After zapping the two Slammers with my mighty lightning powers, the objective was complete and I could proceed to the next phase. This could have been gamebreaking for me, unless maybe I restarted the mission.
  4. This could be interiors, it could be damage modeling, so I'll just put it here. Again, sorry if these are already known, but I spew them as I see them. Unlike other tanks, the Slammers don't seem to have all of the crew modeled inside the vehicle (or at least visible). To see for yourself, place one and use Zeus or Splendid Cam to clip into vehicle. You'll only see commander, but other tanks have all crew. On an unrelated note, I've managed to crew kill a Kuma (only tank I think I can do this to) with 12.7mm APDS by finding crew spots and weakspots thanks to X-ray technique. One or two weakspots I can possibly understand, but I don't know if the reworking of the turret ring will take place. I do feel that the commander has to be repositioned or the ring widened so his big butt doesn't poke out of the back. He at least doesn't take damage from small arms, though. Also, probably not fixable, but meat splurts out of the spot you shoot into the crew through. I don't mind, though, barely visible.
  5. As Adombon has noticed, it seems the UP has yet a 105. I went and looked around at other vehicles and noticed that a few of the latest notes are not represented currently in game (I am running some mods, but nothing game-altering, unless CBA counts). For one, the 6.5 to 7.62 coax change isn't present on the vehicles mentioned. The Bobcat RWCS isn't 12.7, and RWCS have 500 HMG instead of 200 HMG. Can't vouch for mag capacity as my memory isn't 'that' good. It seems that weapon alterations are either in there but not active, or 'logistical issues', but I'm sure it can be fixed. Tell me if anyone else has anything different, I seem to have the right branch version. Either way, this DLC is shaping up to be my personal favorite (except for maybe the great fun Zeus brings). Keep up the good work. Also, noticed that you removed the IDAP skin from the militarized Jeeps, thanks for listening :)
  6. I feel like the 20mm HE on the Nyx AutoCannon is really underwhelming. Like, REALLY, underwhelming. Just try shooting at the AI's feet in Virtual Arsenal. It still takes like 10 shells to kill. I can't say anything about the AP as I haven't extensively tried it, but I'll just say it's usually not enough to down a chopper before it kills you. Also, probably mentioned before, but AI can lock through smoke, and it seems sometimes missiles track through it. Don't know if players can do it, though. Just noticed, too: gun on Kuma can seem to clip into tank because of recoil if you are pointing the gun at the floor. Don't know what you can do about that, but I don't mind too much, it's minimal anyways. And what are you gonna do about the Narnia hatch on the Kuma, bug or feature/lore? Sorry if I keep editing this post too much, mods, especially if you've heard these before, but I'm sort of on a roll with noticing stuff. If you look at the turret ring on the back of the Kuma, you can see the player clipping through it, as if placed incorrectly or turret ring not wide enough.
  7. Spotted bug (or feature) on Recon Nyx. When the commander is turned out, he can still raise and lower the camera with Q and E. Also, @darkChozo, I especially love what happens to that Rhino at the end. One more thing, as Zygzak pointed out, turning causes odd acceleration, which is exploitable to reach top speed faster than normal if you wiggle a lot. I think the opposite should be true.
  8. Just noticed MB 4WD armed variants still have an IDAP skin... I think it doesn't need much explanation as to what I expect to happen (unless you consider them as captured Jeeps that had the weapons mounted, but still, I think we learned our lesson in Laws of War. In which case, please say if intentional). Also, unless I don't know how to do it, it would be nice if you could lower the radar on the Recon Nyx since I don't want that thing poking out while trying to remain unseen.
  9. Somewhat off topic: Not complaining or anything, but I've always wondered: why are some seemingly small updates still a few hundred MBs? Does it really take quite a bit of reworking to do it? If so, thanks for the hard work for even the small things.
  10. Chief1924

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Just noticed this about the Kuma. I haven't looked into if it's a common problem throughout the vehicles, but in the Commander seat, you can't see the turret through the cupola if you raise your head. Plus, the RWCS doesn't appear in the back, so I thought it would be nice if it was modeled, considering the Marshall, I think, has turret roof and blind spots modeled. And, if I remember correctly, didn't Kuma have FFV for Commander? I don't feel like uninstalling dev branch and reinstalling just to check. Still, great work so far, don't get lazy and keep it up. Also, @Imperator[TFD] IS-2 is 122mm and I'd disagree with you about the Tiger ;)
  11. Chief1924

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    I noticed this, too. At least in the Kuma, by placing the Gunner inline with the Commander instead of to his left, the left hatch seems to belong to the ghost of the loader (it shouldn't be there). I don't know how hard it would be to remove it, since it's a small part of the tank with little thickness, but if something isn't done, I'll just keep joking around that the loader is pretty shy and never leaves the tank. Other than that, excellent work. It is more than satisfactory and I love the little details like how the cannon elevates in the turret.
  12. Just noticed a few things and I wanted to corroborate them here before maybe making formal bug reports. Firstly, it seems you can turn out of a Sochor as the commander right on top of the barrel, as if you were in it while turning out, and the gunner doesn't move the hatch when he turns out. I wanna know if it's just me for now. Also, with the introduction of Kuma interior, since Gunner is now in front of Commander instead of at left, what's the use of the left cupola? Just posting it here before doing anything more serious. (Also, lined up crew in Kuma can mean nice crew kill in one shot)
  13. Stop it, Bohemia, you're gonna kill me with all this excitement. It made me feel like 0:15-0:22 in this SFM video. But for real, this insanely elevates the quality and realism of this game. I made my account just to tell you how excited and pleased I am with the content so far. Edit: Just looking at it makes me cry tears of joy, I am in love.