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  1. Hi All, I have a CP server running and I would like to customise the Bots so I can increase there intelligence, fire power, armour and quantity, etc. Are these commands available and if so could someone point me to them. Thanks in advance. Eno
  2. Hi Devs, I have posted a couple of questions with regards to setting up an Argo server with no response from you guys, is it something I said or my deodorant.
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    Hi, I have my own Combat Patrol server for friends and invited guests and I would like to setup somethings in the config; Can I increase the number of Bots Can I make the Bots better (More intelligent, more hitting power, etc) Can I have scoring like on Official servers Is there somewhere, where I can see a list of RCON commands and config settings. I would like to be able to issue RCON commands from within the game. Thanks in advance
  4. Same as every one else on this page. Is this game actually worth perusing, it seems to have many bugs and little support for the "Combat Patrol" mode which is a shame, as this mode is heavily played and enjoyed in Australia.