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  1. Hi, I have a Dialog with a Map Control. I want to toggle between the texture map and the detail map.

    The best I have so far is to have 2 map controls, one of type 100 (CT_MAP) for the detail map and the second is type 101 (CT_MAP_MAIN). I can toggle between them using show/hide for each map type. My default map control is the type 101 (CT_MAP_MAIN).  No player or veh icons etc.show up on the detail map (CT_MAP).


    This code works for the normal map:

    ctrlActivate ((findDisplay 12) displayCtrl 107);

    I assume that  displayCtrl 107 is the "Toogle map textures" button on the (top right of the) normal map dialog.


    Obviously I would prefer to have just one map control in my dialog , all I need to know is it possible to switch from Detail Map to Texture Map using a single map control?


    If not, why can't I see any icons on the second map (CT_MAP)?





    Found a workaround. I added a custom class to the config:

    class RscMapControl
    	// All the standard map control class params here
    class RscMapControlNoTex: RscMapControl // No textures
    	alphaFadeStartScale = 0;
    	alphaFadeEndScale = 0;

    This sorts out the no markers/icons problem. Still have to use 2 map controls with show/hide.


    If there were methods/commands to change these 2 params (something like "ctrlSetAlphaFadeStartScale" and "ctrlSetAlphaFadeEndScale") then I would be able to use a single map control.