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    Clutter issues

    Thank you so much! I haven't seen anything yet that emphasizes of on not capitalizing things! This has solved it!
  2. Shawn 14

    Clutter issues

    Its so that the map shows at the top of my P drive
  3. Shawn 14

    Clutter issues

    I haven't watched many of his videos due to his audio. I have mainly gotten my information through PMC guides
  4. Recently I have been working on a map for fun, however I've now spent over 18 hours trying to fix one thing. My clutter isn't showing up in game. I have no error messages and no crashes; just no clutter on the ground. I've gone through many forums and lots of tutorials but nothing has seemed to work. My surfaces.cfg My clutter.cfg I haven't been able to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.