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    RHS: Status Quo

    Wow!! I cannot way for your awsome works! Thank you for your work in advance. 🙂
  2. Affe-mit-Waffe0

    Find Bugged tree along the new map.

    Hello Bohemia Personal, Nillers. My Pleasure to help you a bit. I got few's more picture for your devs. :=) https://ibb.co/nPjgf5R SVD scope from Terminator T-1000. 😄 https://ibb.co/H7hnfSR Location is North west of Black Lake about 200m to 300m North https://ibb.co/k4SNX4M That was at Villeneuve. i bet the truck bounced the canal North near the Hangars. 🙂 https://ibb.co/rxQBnnr That is on the big hill, I am looking to the West and there is Pennants 12h where i am looking. Durras is in my 5h. https://ibb.co/yXKvqDB The face and the Helmet doo not fit perferctly. https://ibb.co/qjFCG3J UFO Box. 😮 https://ibb.co/2ypy1Zn I cannot remember precisly but, it was near Black Lake if my memory is good. Bravo and Keep the Good works Bohemia. Your game got better and better by the day. 😉 P.S Also Bohemia Team, can you please consider adding some weapons like MG 42, STG 44, MP 40, PPS Sub machine gun, DP Machine Gun, SVT-40 and even Moisin or K 98. I am positive that thos weapons will add a lot of fun! 😉
  3. Affe-mit-Waffe0

    Find Bugged tree along the new map.

    Hi Bohemia Personal. https://ibb.co/CWhK63b Black Lake west of the lac. https://ibb.co/fvKvD6r Road almost fully blocked by the Trees. https://ibb.co/qYHLHZ3 Detail of the position. https://ibb.co/BqGg6cP SVD Scope bugged. https://ibb.co/ggsjJwJ Tire Bug. https://ibb.co/7g4FD1Q Bunker Est of Pennants is too high, and you cannot aim shat looking down. 😛 https://ibb.co/GVr46dp Ally got no weapon in hand, Scope is the Binocular. https://ibb.co/ypqj0XJ 500m to 700m north of Saint - Pierre on the left of the road. And voila. Keep the good work Bohemia! 😉
  4. Affe-mit-Waffe0

    Find Bugged tree along the new map.

    https://ibb.co/W3WFGX7 A bush in the North of Regina town. https://ibb.co/SVLTNxw In Regina town in right canal facing the North. https://ibb.co/DGr3QQB South of Levie base, In is near the small Concrete Roads near the forest south of Levie https://ibb.co/2K3NyzM Somewhere north of Bay 250m - 300m north a bit est. https://ibb.co/HFKbPh0 Pennants is at 7h and i am looking to the road heading to Regina Town. https://ibb.co/0MggkJ1 Master of the radio Channel.. ;D Find a bug with the back pack Radio spown. https://ibb.co/Zc7myXs Las Vegas Parano Bug.. 😮
  5. Hello Folks. First of all i want to say thank you at Bohemia for release this Awesome Game! Now to the subject. I want to make this topic for the mapper of this noice map, There are tree that placed or bugged by the engine, you will tell for that. https://ibb.co/WGzsM7y This one is like 250m - 300m North of Bay place along the dirt road. https://ibb.co/Fngvtq2 If i remember correctly it's north of Quarry Lake Est of the map top hill. https://ibb.co/41TWK4T That one is on North Est of Quarry Lake on the top rock hill too. And voila. I hope it will help, if a little as of 5% or 10% report than kind of bugs, the Devs got time elsewhere. Bravo Bohemia your game looks very good, you have to polish it and it will be a very very good game!