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  1. I do prefer to do things by hand. I figured there were values out there that would show me the accuracy of each weapon. However the way that Arma handles bullet drift intrigued me. It seems to do most if not all of the bullet drift at the muzzle instead of during travel. So here I am testing that.
  2. This is pretty much the closest I'm going to get. As much of a salty bitch that I am I do appreciate the help. shooter doTarget Target; shooter forceWeaponFire["hgun_Rook40_F","Single"] Only problem is that I have to manually switch the weapons of the AI using classnames. And I can replace the classname in forceWeaponFire with currentWeapon.
  3. I did put pretty much exactly what I was going to do in the first post. But no I didn't add EXACTLY WHAT AND WHEN AND WHY. So therefore I am clearly trying to make an aimbot to ruin all of the Arma community. Muahahaha. If only my dastardly plan hadn't been ruined by you meddling kids.
  4. Or you could take my post for face value and not immediately assume that I have malintentions.
  5. The only way for me to get an AI to shoot and to test the MOA is by setting two enemy soldiers, one with AI disabled and the other set to fire when I told it to. I have a model that is the target. It's the target because it has inch markings on it so I can actually find out what the measurements are. I can not force an AI to fire at an object, only units. Also an SQF aimbot script is so out of date it would literally never work in a server. You can't blame me for you jumping to conclusions.
  6. I've actually tried to make an AI do the shooting but the only way to force an AI to fire at a target is when they are inside of a vehicle with fireAtTarget. The only way to make them shoot while on foot, to my knowledge, is forceWeaponFire. ForceWeaponFire does not allow you to specify a target or direction to shoot in.
  7. I figured I wouldn't have to since this is an area dedicated to scripting help. Regardless of any of that I do know that it is possible due to aimbot scripts already existing. Some of which teleport the bullet to the target. Some of which autoaim. I can go look around for a specific aimbot script or use one of the several open source c++ aimbot mods available for arma 3 to do what I want. I would much rather just have someone help me here which is an area dedicated to helping others with SQF scripting.
  8. I figured that I would get a reply similar to that. I'm creating a spreadsheet with every little bit of detail that I can get into firearms and I want to get the MOA accuracy of the guns. I can't do that without being sure that the gun is pointed at the same place every time. It's not that I'm looking to create an aimbot for me to use online or anything and quiet frankly the prejudice is irritating.
  9. I've just gotten BIS_fnc_dirTo to work so now I can snap my characters aim TOWARDS an object. The only problem is that this only controls the direction the character is facing but not the elevation that the character is aiming at. Edit: As it turns out, BIS_fnc_dirTo sets the aim to be slightly to the right of the target rather than dead center. So this will not work.
  10. I have been looking all over and I can't find any way to set the aim of the player character. I need to be able to set the aiming direction of the player character to the position of an object. So if I have a target range set up and I use cursorObject to get the Object I'm looking at and then snap the player's aim to that object and fire. Just need a way to change the aiming direction of the player.
  11. What I ended up doing was something a little janky but it works. lockedout = false //init transonic = 10000 //init if (_velocity < 343 AND !lockedout) then {transonic = _dist; lockedout=true} then in the event handler for when the gun was fired I reset the lockedout and transonic variables _unit addEventHandler ["fired", {lockedout = false; transonic = 10000;}];
  12. That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you Grumpy.
  13. I currently have a script that tracks the velocity and distance traveled by a bullet. I have it set up currently to tell me these things in a hint box. After firing the weapon it displays the _velocity variable and the _distance variable and they update in real time through the hint. I want to know the distance at which the bullet becomes transonic (When the bullet drops beneath 343m/s). I need to get the _distance variables value when _velocity is equal to or less than 343 (something like if (_velocity < 343) then {_transonic = _distance};). The only problem is that if I set the new _transonic variable to be equal to _distance then in the hint box the variable will continue to update with _distance. I need a way to take the _distance variable at a given value of _velocity and take the exact value at that time and save it to another variable. I do know that I could just end the tracking when the _velocity reaches 343 but then the distance would no longer be tracked beyond that time.