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    CBRN Script

    What would be the easiest way to remove a created zone/area?
  2. You place it on the ground and ace interact up rather high on it.
  3. Do you mean GSA - Ground Spike Antenna? We use them and they work well in difficult terrain to gain a few meters in antenna height and LoS.
  4. I'm trying your fix aswell @jgaz-uk https://imgur.com/a/anlHRPm
  5. @jesperom Our server is running. What version are you using and what is not working?
  6. I had a take on implementing a higher risk of loosing force and combat efficiency when taking high risks in our milsim group. The increased risk should push all commanders to vaule the lives of the players througout the gaming session, and to make decisions based on that risk. This respawn method is one of of many ways to achieve this. With this script dead players are respawned by other players placing their dead body in a body bag and returning it to a collection point (object named morgue). I plan on using it together with a second method of respawn through Zeus manual mass respawn. Requirements: ACE 3 //Editor placed Tarp_01_Large_Yellow_F (morgue). No respawn modules. Empty marker (respawn_west). //description.ext //init.sqf Credit to @pabstmirror who got this going at ACE Github!
  7. +1 Possibly an example mission, I struggle with initialization as specified units are absent as players join. Same goes for a tut/example mission of Spectator setup.
  8. I'm learning by creating a simple mod with: custom equipment in crates containers that spawn said crates through ace interact with child. But I must have missed something obvious, any help would be appriciated! Should I do anything differently? Is to run MP on dedi, only tested from editor MP. What works: Packing from P:/ruthless/addons/RL_Logistik with PboProject without errors. Crates are fine, containers show up in editor and Zeus. Other crates that init the same way as the currently non-working containers (init="[(_this select 0)] execVM ...) are executed fine. What doesn't work: No custom ace interaction on the custom containers. Standard "Interact -> Cargo" from inherited ace works. \ruthless\addons\RL_Logistik\config.cpp \ruthless\addons\RL_Logistik\scripts\cargo\RL_amcontainer_liten.sqf _________________Update________________ After some help from ace slack and @dahlgren I changed the implementation to the spoilers below. Unfortunately it didn't solve my problem; no custom ace interaction on the custom container. Standard "Interact -> Cargo" from inherited ace works. \ruthless\addons\RL_Logistik\config.cpp \ruthless\addons\RL_Logistik\functions\fn_RL_FINKAL_556_stor.sqf
  9. Really nice update, we really enjoy some canine action! That goodDogBark.ogg though...
  10. Error report: It might be a problem with my download, but we get error on "Sound: Error: File: TPW_SOUNDS\sounds\animal\chorus4.ogg not found !!!" and indeed this file is missing in the pbo.
  11. Read this thread with great interest. Would you mind posting your working version for SP, local MP and dedicated again? @Grumpy Old Man
  12. Exellent map and great assets! Is it possible to initiate the popup target control from another object through it's Init?
  13. I'm looking forward to try out your script, this will balance the use of A3 artillery and contribute greatly when predict launch position is implemented! Player Counter-battery fire FTW!
  14. PZ VÅRELD19 Addons: SFP, Whiplash Static Animations, Sullen Skies, Reduced Haze Mod, Recolor, Rismarck's WW2 Pose Pack and Vidda
  15. vDog Patrol Multiplayer Script is with this change now ACE compatible!
  16. _closestHuman setDamage _biteDamage;I#I [_closestHuman, "dogVictim"] remo...' Error Invalid number in expression line 273
  17. Also running ACE Adv Med. No, it throws an error missing a )
  18. RL - AVE

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm looking to have the Medical M1085A1P2B (CBPS) truck with deployable medical tent as a mobile respawn point and ACE Adv. healing area when, and only when, the tent is deployed. Preferrably just inside the tent. MP Dedicated. Any known solutions how I could make this work?
  19. RL - AVE

    [TVT/COOP 16] Mole

    Trying to run this mission but struggle with the mole function, when accusing the chat shows but nothing else. Looking in fn_playerLoop.sqf row 65, but unfortunately my SQF-skills are in the negative range. Any suggestions from @mons00n or the trusted community?