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  1. I hope he isn’t planning to leave the mod like that.
  2. It gets rid of trees on some CUP maps
  3. Aussie made a lovely map called Australia. 50 km by 50 km. Then he tried to make it not require CUP mods, which resulted in it absolutely fucking anyone who used CUP maps. He pulled it off steam and stopped supporting it. People reuploaded it as a result, though it screws with other CUP maps. What a waste
  4. I hope this isn’t going to be Australia all over again.
  5. We were using the steam one
  6. In fact, YOU were the one who put the link here
  7. It was the one on steam. I’m pretty sure there was a link to it in this thread
  8. Well, it doesn't. We've been complaining for a little over a month. It's the data file. That's the thing that kicks our players Also, I ran a check on the signatures and key, and got this: === Begin of stdout === === End of stdout === 1 file is in error. Signature C:\Users\<>\Desktop\848059359\Addons\hotze_mske_data.pbo.hotze.bisign is wrong
  9. Seems like the signatures are messed up again. Players randomly get kicked in the middle of match, and a message complaining about some hotze*.pbo signature appears