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    Arma 3 delayed arty fire

    Okay, that's some good info from you :) One more thing... or two, actually. First - do I have to put this script in arty's specification, marker's specifications or activate a waypoint and then put this in "Activation" label? Second - what about those paratroopers I mentioned in my Q? (sorry, that those weren't in Q's subject, but it really would look fine in this mission). EDIT: The script doesn't work, if copied and pasted straight into vehicle's "Initiation" label, at least on my computer. I've edited it, changing third line "waitUntil {sleep1;TAG_fnc_openFire = true} and deleting (optional) the "true" sentence from pre-last textline. Then, when I went into preview, a script error arrived on screen, but it changed nothing - artillery started firing after 60 seconds, as planned in script. Thank you very much for this command, Grumpy!
  2. Greetings, fellow Comrades! I need some advise from you - some time ago I started to think about making a mission in Arma 3's editor, where CSAT forces are trying to conquer Neochori and kill all AAF defenders (alt. history, long time before "Eastwind" operation). The mission is planned to have 5 or 6 stages: 1st - To-199 strike on city, 2nd - approach of two CSAT gunboats, covering three (or more) pontoons with infantry, 3rd - three Marid's crossing the bay and transporting another load of troops, (optional between 3 and 4 - parachute drop from Orca's), 4th - armored strike of two Varsuk's and two Tigrises, 5th - artillery fire. Now, back to my beg for advise - how can I delay order for artillery to start firing at Neochori? I tried to do so with "Artillery Fire" waypoint and timer set between 5-6 mins, but arty started firing at very beginning of mission's preview and didn't stopped. Is there any command, script or unit/waypoint option to delay this? (Also, I'm not searching for option to fire or not to fire, assuming to mission status - CSAT have to lose in this battle and it's gonna be forced to call artillery). I'd be very appreciated of your help :) Ah, BTW - how can I make a parachute drop? Thanks for advices to that!