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    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Hey Wyqer, I need a little help with the arsenal. I edited kp_liberation_config.sqf to use a Custom Arsenal Present, then i edited the custom.sqf of the arsenal_presets folder and put some weapons, and ammunition from a mod, for testing purposes. Then I entered the game, entered the arsenal, I got a m1 carbine (classname: uns_m1carbine), 1 second later a message appeared in the upper right corner saying "following items not allowed: uns_m1carbine" and my weapon disappeared. I'm trying to edit the mission to play with the unsung vietnam mod. I took screenshots of everything: https://ibb.co/fvMhmw https://ibb.co/mmaa6w https://ibb.co/e26F6w https://ibb.co/konzYb https://ibb.co/eoDv6w Did I do something wrong ? I really enjoyed what you did with the mission. Your version is the best! Thanks