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    If he used the "report player" form on http://projectargo.net site, you wont see anything here.
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    A week after uploading video still has no views, they don't care about this game. I translated what I could, would be nice to see this video.
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    Could they rely on community for this kind of task ? I bet there is some people eager to help.
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    Translation : I do post to tell it is useless to report cheaters nor recording videos because support doesn't take time to watch them, so cheaters still win. I wont spend a dim buying arma 3 as it is the same anti-cheat system. Man this is not an easy task, I do have been considered as a cheater by some players yet I'm clean and have nothing to worry about so I don't want to be blamed to satisfy people belives. Arma 3 gameplay is totaly different, you wont be bothered by this anyhow. ARGO drag a certain kind of players used to competition and a lot do fill the need to compensate their lack of skills by using third party software instead of improving their natural abilities and accepting their own limitation without shame. [French part] Ce n'est pas une tâche facile de faire le tri, j'ai moi même été considéré comme tricheur par certains et pourtant je n'ai rien à me reprocher alors je ne voudrais pas être banni juste pour faire plaisir à ceux qui pensent que je le mérite. Arma 3 se joue différemment (je pense que tu le sais déjà et ça ressemble à un argument pour faire pression), et tu ne croiseras sans doute jamais de tricheur. ARGO c'est différent, il et plus orienté compétitivité et du coup il attire des joueurs qui ont besoin d'aide pour être "reconnu". Pour ma part je n'ai croisé qu'un seul joueur étrange, et un pour lequel j'ai de légères suspicions... c'est quand même pas énorme.
  5. Hi, Thank you for your answer. Damn it's a bit disapointing anyway.
  6. Hello, I would like to know if there is any public stats API, or similar. Even if it is possible to get to an arrangement to be granted an access to a private one. I'm aiming on releasing a public player stats tracking app. Thank you.
  7. Is there a way to reach someone at BI ? Without being dumped strait away...
  8. @EricR I can't afford to jump on probalilities with this project, it's also a way to promote this game. I make it work properly or not at all... thank you for your input. @Midnighters Great contribution, thank you. I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.
  9. Player IDs provided by the leaderboard "public API" are somehow obfuscated, they change for each query... surely to prevent scrapping. Still they are unique, from one request to another they change for each user. I need to access to an API to retrieve players stats, global as presented on the leaderboard. BI do have theses stats, either they grant me an access, either i'm screwed =D. What I would like to achieve : - Search by username (history of names for each players) - Performance tracking over time (kpd, captures, etc.)
  10. I'm talking about players stats, as seen in the leaderboard. Leaderboard isn't reliable itself for scrapping, as given users ID are regenerated each session or query when not signed in.