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    Apex Framework

    Thanks for the quick reply. Apparently it was an issue with my host. Got it resolved and the server is running smoothly. Will make sure to report any bugs :)
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    Apex Framework

    Hey Quicksilver, thank you for your time and effort creating this beautiful I&A framework. I keep getting this message in the server console, I can't load into the game itself, just sits there stuck on the role selection screen. https://gyazo.com/3983c5bb7766616c200cdbcd4eb82d30 There definitely is whitelist.sqf in the @Apex_cfg folder. I even copied the virgin version back and restarted, but it keeps popping up. I also made sure that the startup parameter was -servermod (which fixed it for @acidus but not for myself). File patching was also enabled for all at the server side in the server.cfg file: allowedFilePatching = 2; // Prevents clients with filePatching enabled from joining the server (0 = block filePatching, 1 = allow headless clients, 2 = allow all) (default: 0, recommended: 1))