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    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Dear BIS-Team, from the very first version of "Operation Flashpoint" to today's Arma 3, I spent thousands of hours with your sandbox-game-series, and I do own every part of the series, and almost every addon/dlc. I love these limitless possibilities to create and thereby simulate nearly every situation you can imagine. So much joy, online as well as offline. Thanks a lot! There is one powerful idea about the game though, that keeps spinning round in my head for years now, which is growing stronger and stronger. Since the technical possibilities are finally "on the table", and the economic perspective for game-developers is constantly growing, I shall anounce my very first request to You in all those years: Please implement native vr-support! The OFP/Arma-Series has always been about immersion, about the most immersive recreation of any possible combat situation. The technical basis of the rv-engine is just perfect for VR, like the long-known and well-working TrackIR-support (indipendent head/gun/hand-movement) is already in the game. Likewise, I am sure it is not too much of a deal to create a well-working "UI" in VR, and I am confident that even roomscale-gaming with touch-controllers is possible without major re-coding on the engine (check out user "NeoArmageddon" if you haven't already, and his experiments on touch-controllers). I am 100% sure that native vr-support in Arma will be mindblowing, and it will take the Arma-Series to a whole new level of immersion and gaming-experience. Likewise, the Arma-Series in VR would provide so much more than anything else that is out there, it will be a blast to the world of VR! But who am I talking to? I believe to have read that you are already "playing arround" with the HTC Vive in the studio, and I cannot imagine these thoughts of mine did not occur to the BIS developers team... Though I expect you to be well informed and already, at least "playing arround" with Arma in VR, I need to make sure You guys don't miss what developer Anton Hand is doing with his VR-Sandbox-Game called "H3VR", or "Hotdogs, Horseshoes and Handgrenades". I strongly recommend to put this man on the payroll! These mechanics are a blast! Imagine Arma 3 in VR with this kind of gun-handling? Insane!