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  1. Welcome Clone Trooper! So who are we? We are the 332nd Legion or Ahsoka's Legion! In legends we were parts of the 501st that split during the Siege of Mandalore and was led by Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex! What do we do? We provide intense and challenging missions Zeused by our Commanding Officer Slayer! These missions can consist of many different objectives such as assassination, HVT rescue, and search and destroy plus many more! Why do we do it? We want to provide people with a unit that is not about politics, drama, or strict rules. Our main aim is to provide a place for a people who enjoy Star Wars to immerse themselves into the Star Wars universe. Leadership We have seasoned leaders from all sorts of Arma 3 Milsim backgrounds! Our very own Captain Drift has created and successfully ran many milsim units! TeamSpeak duxhog.com:9988 Discord https://discord.gg/hScPVfh I hope to see you on the field!