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  1. Okay so hello again guys! That's actually my second post lmao. Okay, so what I am trying to do is a camera which sits directly under the barrel of the gun (so it looks like a camera from on an airsoft gun). I've tried numerous things and it always ends up so that the camera is actually not looking at where the gunman (AI at the moment) is aiming. Probably the best result was to attach the camera to the player and then use a memPoint but the camera rotation is still a problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. NRGPlaysBG

    EXTDB3 returns "any"

    Heyo sorry for the later reply. Got the actual thing working on the day of the post but didn't forgot to post the solution. So it turns out that I had the wrong tbbmalloc installed and I've just downloaded it from their official website
  3. Okay so for the past two hours I was dealing with an error and I wasn't able to find a solution so I decided to come here and ask you people if anybody knows how to get this working. Basically, I have an ExtDB3 and one of the sql commands returns the name of the player when given the UID. The problem is that whatever I do and whatever I try when I try to get the value it always returns as "any" This is the function that calls the fn_AsyncCall, sets the value of _ret to be equal to the output of the SQL command, but _ret is always null. This is the command which is my custom_sql file and this is how I call the function from initPlayerLocal.sqf I don't know if it's me doing something wrong or something else, but it just returns "any". P.S.: Other SQL Commands which don't require output (e.g.: to insert a player into the database work completely fine)