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  1. Server spec:

    Xeon X5675  2 cores

    8GB Ram

    100Mbps connection

    Windows Server 2008 R2

    Windows Firewall is close


    Mission config:

    45 players slots

    based on Malden map, add couple of stuff such like:helicopter, building, vehicle, jet craft.





    Red Hammer

    MCC 4

    3CB Equipment


    TADST performance setting:

    Maxmsgsend 768

    MaxSizeGuaranteed 800

    MaxSizeNonguaranteed 400

    Maxbandwidth: 100mbit/s

    Minbandwidth: 1280kbit/s



    Maximum Custom File Size=240KB



    HT  is Enalbed


    The first problem is about client connection, few users are stock at “ loading missiong data” screen, the loading bar is stop, even no one is in the server, they just can’t pass the loading progress. Some one can change the player slot to sovle it, but 2-3 guys are never success.


    Second is about lag, after learned this subject:https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/147591-tutorial-server-bandwidth-optimisation/, I figure out our server can carry at least 64 player above. But when the player number overtake 20, all players get serious lag in the server.


    I think it’s not about Mods part, We have another server has same Mods, it's have no connection issue, but that one has just only 20Mbps banwidth, so 20 players will cause to lag.


    I really have no idea for it, anyone can help for this?