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  1. lSRTl -ElBrayita-

    I want my points please Bohemia Interactive!

    Thank's! But, i not play Combat Patrol and Hunt the wich!
  2. lSRTl -ElBrayita-

    I want my points please Bohemia Interactive!

    Now edit it, now, can you help me !?
  3. I feel a bit stolen, lately I do not give all my points, because in the CLASSIFICATION page in "general" I have 1445890 points and in the game I have 1478260 points, I have 32370 points less, I do not know if it is any way to give those points! (I have a photo in case you do not believe me)! Thank you :)) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1273743963 that's OK?
  4. lSRTl -ElBrayita-

    WTF are you doing with the game!?

    Thanks, and I'm sorry for being a little rude, but recently a game that I also like (Survarium) I get a very bad update, maybe that's why I explode against you, I apologize
  5. lSRTl -ElBrayita-

    WTF are you doing with the game!?

    are you serious!? Mine mode favorite is RAID man..
  6. Hey, I've been playing ARGO for almost a year and I do not understand why shit a 500mb update makes the game go disgusting, first, I do not have my weapons, second, at the end of the game you can not choose a map like before and third, why the fuck They give me such crappy weapons at the start of each game and not mine, completely disappointed ..
  7. shit, well right now I have 1374360 points and on the page it says that I have 1357780 points, I can send you a picture if you want!
  8. 321/5000 I was not playing for almost a month, and I do not know if that could be the reason, the thing is that I came back and it seems that the points are not added to go up in the ranking! In the game I have 1367510xp and on the page I get that I have only 1317890 I have a photo so you can see that it is not a lie, I love the game but I do not like this!