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  1. yes they shift, when I use the build feature in play to build front posts, some of the objects are dacalized from their position of the last backup.


    Concerning the problem of duplication, I do not know what to do because certain object posed in publisher is double and other not. Despite their suppression at restart and / or a total reboot of the mission.

  2. Helle here !!! I have 3 questions ^^ : 


    Where i can find lines to change renforts units  ? 


    Do you known a script or a addon for your mission to put random spawn OPFOR or embush against BLUFOR. As like the libereation FFAAMOD in lythium where there many IA and mouvement. =))



    How can I remove the preset selection when redeploying from the drop-down menu. Do you see what I'm talking about ?



    THX so much !!!! =))) 

  3. Hello, 


    Could you help me just for a little line ?  I try to spwan a patrol when I activate a trigger, but I have a problem.


    I Use this line in my SquadLeader ... : 


    Code line: 0 = [this, "PAUSE=", 0]spawn "jebus.sqf";


    Do you have the correct line juste for this simple thing ? 


    PS: Sorry I'm a beginner in script and sorry for mistakes I'm french :p 



  4. Hello everyone!


    I am looking for a mod or a script that would open a text game page, on which we can write. But also where players could also complete and check this page.


    One can imagine that this page can open anywhere, or only on a whiteboard or another.


    Do you have any ideas? or do you know a Scripting Guy? 

    Thanks in advance


    (sorry for all mistakes, i'm french ;))