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  1. Hy ! 

    For @pierremgi

    Thank you for all, your help and your explaination very clearly ! 😉 

    I understand more your way now !! 


    For @schatten  


    I found !! 😉  :  

    call { 
        private ["_distance", "_distanceMin", "_marker"]; 
        _marker = ""; 
        _distanceMin = worldSize; 
            (((getMarkerColor _x) == "ColorOPFOR") and  
                    _distance = (getMarkerPos _x) distance2D player; 
                    (_distance >= 2000) and { _distance < _distanceMin } 
            ) then { 
                _distanceMin = _distance; 
                _marker = _x; 
        } forEach allMapMarkers; 



    Thank you for this awesome help !!! 💪

  2. @Schatten  

    Mhhhhmm !!  doesn't Works while your last script works. 🤔

    That return : " ";     Have You a idea ? 




    Perfect it works !!! 😍  i just change the last line in order to don't  teleport the player on the position, but just get the position of this marker ;)) 
    ----> unfortunately there is some problem .... :((   always the same markers are found 

    call { 
      private _mkrs = allMapMarkers apply {[str(player distance2D getMarkerPos _x < 1000 or player distance2D getmarkerPos _x > 5000 or markerColor _x != "colorEAST"),player distance2D getMarkerPos _x,_x]}; 
        _mkrs sort true; 
       private _nearestMarker = _mkrs #0#2; 
     getMarkerPos _nearestMarker


    Carreful : if these conditions of distance are not okey, it's the first coordonate of marker who is selected 😉 

    Little question could you explain me this private _nearestMarker = _mkrs #0#2;


    Thx 😃 

  3. Hi every body !


    How can i found the nearest OPFOR sector with these function, it's possible to use color red to find the right marker ? :


    function : F_getNearestSector

    params ["_limit", ["_postosearch", getpos player]]; private _sector_to_return = "";

    private _close_sectors = sectors_allSectors select {(markerPos _x) distance _postosearch < _limit};

    private _close_sectors_sorted = [_close_sectors, [_postosearch, _limit], {(markerPos _x) distance _input0}, "ASCEND"] call BIS_fnc_sortBy;

    if (count _close_sectors_sorted > 0) then {_sector_to_return = _close_sectors_sorted select 0;}; _sector_to_return;



    Thank you in advance =))))

  4. Hey Everybody, i need some help to start from scratch my little script. 


    But, i need to find the nearest marker from 400m, from my player.  Not a radius of 400m from my player.


    There is this

    nearestObjects [player, ["house"], 200];

    But it's just for object...


    So this

    // Find the nearest marker from player

    _nearestMarker = [allMapMarkers, player] call BIS_fnc_nearestPosition;


    But there no interval of distance...


    Thank you in advance !!! 😉 

  5. On 12/12/2018 at 1:51 PM, Sayker said:

    Hi there !! 
    I use these lines EventHandler, but it's possible that this event are only activate for civilian damage ??? Thx so much ! =) 

    _EH = ["ace_killed", { params ["_unit"]; [_unit, _unit getVariable "ace_medical_lastDamageSource"] execVM "ACL\ACL_murder.sqf" }] call CBA_fnc_addEventHandler;


    Happy New Year Everyone ! I always need your help for this problem.

    Because currently, all units around player are impacted, or i would like only damage on civilian are keeped or the death of a civilian units.. :/ 


    Do you have any idea ?? thx in advance =) 


  6. 1 hour ago, Rockapes said:


    You can load any saved loadouts from menu, isnt that just as easy?

     Thx for your help, but i would like that the last equipment is saved and load automatically when the player spawn.

    Because in my mission the player can't use Arsenal to load his equipment ;) 

    Do you understand my request ?