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    War Chronicles: The Forgotten War

    Howdy Ya'll, Found this thread because it was linked here, which I found while I was searching for a Korean DMZ type terrain. The creator from the thread I linked isn't going to work on the idea anymore, but I'm super interested in continuing it. Given that the fanta fascist doesn't understand diplomacy, and war with NK isn't off the table, I thought it'd be kinda cool (pacify us for a bit) to create a mission, on a custom terrain, all about the DMZ and war with NK, from a modern standpoint. I know that this thread is much more focused on an earlier time frame, but I'm just trying to gauge if there's any interest in it. The work that has been done, just shared here in the thread, is incredible. The weapon renders are fantastic. I've seen NK/SK missions done on various maps like Nam2, Tanoa, and others, but I'd like to have a modern DMZ replete with the bright blue of JSA buildings. Anybody up for a new Korean War?