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  1. Gill93


    I feel ya but you can also set hotkeys so you don't need to menu (: anyways I will be looking forward to what you guys come up with.
  2. Gill93


    maybe you could make it like the the DZN extended jamming Mod it uses CBA settings and needs no modules placed gives you the ability to set different types of weapon failures along with the ability to choose how often they can occur you also have the option to type in the classname of a specific weapon and set jamming stuff individually. one of my favorite mods to use (: you can also make it so Suppressors will affect jamming aswell.
  3. Gill93


    well that's what I was thinking to but usually if the classname or classnames were incorrect the Ai would spawn with default/vanilla gear or maybe no weapons at all and from what ive seen the loot piles and Ai are spawning with the clothing, gear weapons etc that I placed in the arrays so im not sure what going on lol maybe I will check them arrays again to see if I added a duplicate or something.
  4. Gill93


    that's pretty cool I like to try and sneak up on them and plant an explosive charge works sometimes usually get blown to hell XD
  5. Hey there Haleks I keep getting this error related to the Gearpool I believe I just don't understand why as the AI and loot are spawning the Gear I have chosen. Do you think it could be a Ravage Bug or something I have done wrong lol


    1. haleks


      Hard to tell to be honest, but it's probably a minor issue with the mod functions.

  6. Gill93


    Hey guys I have customized all of the arrays myself and have checked over multiple times in notepad++ to make sure I made no mistakes and it appears to be working as the AI are carrying the stuff I added my only issue is the Error that keeps popping up while in editor when testing. I took a snapshot of the error itself and am wondering if anyone else is getting the same error and or is the error due to a bug in ravage or something I did wrong XD
  7. Gill93


    Had that occur in the editor pretty weird lol
  8. Gill93


    These little infants need some milk before they can step to our level lmao.
  9. Gill93


    I have the only issue I really ran into was not being able to get loot to spawn so I ended up placing abunch of editor objects just to have looting lol I went through the map in editor and gathered all the building classnames and Positions etc in attempt to get loot working properly but never did finish as there was not enough info on the Wikia to continue,
  10. Gill93


    lol I added some of the deployable turrets/backpacks to the AI gear list thus they now place and use them not that accurately but still cool good ole VCOM.
  11. Gill93


    nah let the snowflake zombie cattle generation miss out on it they need to suffer XD lol jk
  12. Gill93


    lookin good but can it make a pencil disappear heheheheheehehehhehe
  13. Gill93


    Hey guys if your interested in checking out the new mission I uploaded just follow the provided link. The scenario is a co-op Survival/Sandbox with customized gear and Loot for AI along with a Custom trader and paycheck system that I added thanks to HGSimple shop script. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776094005
  14. Gill93


    Truly a great feature as I now have Ai carrying some gear from ACE and Armor plate inserts from AAPM Gold Edition (:
  15. Gill93


    still getting this error but only in Multiplayer once I switch to solo no error (: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1775766091