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  1. Hey bud quick question would you know if ATV's and or dirt bikes work with the Bandit Car patrol or does it need to be cars truck? thanks bud

    1. haleks


      Probably not : the script doesn't scale the size of the crew it spawns - if you try to use anything with less than 3 seats, some dudes will be stuck on foot.

      Adding "improve car patrol script" to my "to do" list! ^^

  2. Gill93


    Hey guys does anyone know if the Bandit Vehicle patrol works with vehicles such as ATV's and or Dirtbikes or does it only work with cars and trucks?
  3. Gill93

    addaction trigger repeat

    Hi there I am attempting to use this script/code in my mission one addaction to activate a CAS Bomb strike using a compture as the object the other is to activate a video on a screen the issue I have is both triggers get activated when using this method is there any way to change the trigger condition so that only the intended trigger gets activated. Thanks Trigger_Con; this addaction ["Triger",{Trigger_Con = true; publicVariable "Trigger_Con";}];
  4. Gill93


    I truly am sorry for this basically they got me the same way with that stupid CSGO Team shit was just trying to help a steam friend sadly I have compromised all my real friends on steam I just hope nobody else falls for this shit.
  5. Gill93


    Hey guys sorry if you were affected by my hacked Steam Account I finally got the issue sorted today thanks to some of you and steam support.
  6. Gill93


    Thank you brother for sending out the word if it were not for you sending messages on my profile and posting those pictures I might not have figured out what had happened.
  7. Gill93


    Thank you for spreading the word brother steam got it sorted today hopefully this never happens again.
  8. Gill93


    Thank you guys steam has sorted it out hopefully nobody else was affected by this bull.
  9. Gill93


    @MuRaZorWitchKING hell yeah bro I slowed down quite a bit but I still got a few mission up my sleeve for the near future. I miss playing ravage myself been stuck on Dayz for the past week or so lol If you want to play some ravage coop let me know we could try your mission or one of mine or both :)
  10. Gill93


    @haleks hosted locally my friend :)
  11. Gill93


    Seems to work just fine in Single player but in my multiplayer/Coop mission I have the same issue I believe.
  12. Gill93


    Hey guys I just uploaded another mission to the workshop called The Last one (Chernarus Redux) basically its a single player variant of The Last three but with the objective to escape Chernarus. Hope you guys enjoy :) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1896951710
  13. Gill93


    no problem at all :)
  14. Gill93


    there is a an option to make it so only AI killed by zombies will resurrect in the module.
  15. Gill93


    Hey guys if you are interested my current Gearpool is listed in the first spoiler The second spoiler contains most of the classnames for the new Weapons, Attachment, vest etc added to CUP in the most recent update.