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  1. Hello, I'm working on a few spin off mission from the East Wind Campaign and in order to recreate the first mission I created a similar ORBAT view. My only problem is that I cannot load the TF Aegis Helmet into the ORBAT Viewer. The file I am using is the original .paa file extracted from the img folder of the main campaign, and in the Text2View Editor it can be viewed properly. In the following Code example you can see that under "texture" i've added the .paa file which is in the same folder as the mission.sqm file. Furthermore the insignia "Aegis_background.paa" works perfectly fine ... class CfgOrbat { class TFAegis { id = 1; idType = 0; side = "West"; size = "Size1"; type = "HQ"; insignia = "Aegis_background.paa"; colorInsignia[] = {0,0,1,1}; commander = "MacKinnon"; commanderRank = "Colonel"; text = "Task Force Aegis"; textShort = "TF Aegis"; texture = "Aegis_icon.paa"; color[] = {0,1,1,1}; description = "A US-led joint NATO-AAF peacekeeping force stationed on Stratis, with a strictly limited mandate and combat capacity."; }; };
  2. Ivanoff could you solve the problem? Because I am still stuck on this one 😕
  3. Hi Community, As I was replaying the Air Superiority Mission from the East Wind Campaign I was wondering myself about the Callsigns on the map: https://imgur.com/a/5UsgqJx My mouse is hovering over the Squad named "Golf". Now as you can see it is the first squad commanded by Sgt. Cooper but that Helicopter that should pick you up is called Golf 2-2 in the Radio? Can somebody please explain me the numbering system of markers and how units respond in the radio? Thx in advance, Mister GTX
  4. Mister GTX

    Field Tent Doors

    Hi Community, Since Contact came out I was walking around and looking at the placement of objects in the Campaign. In the second mission you get called to a tent which is open on one side and closed on the other one and I would like to do that. Sadly I haven't found a way yet (you can only hide or unhide both doors but not a single one [actually at the decon-tent you can close only 1 door]) Thx in Advance!
  5. Hello Community, I was replaying the Campaing "The East Wind Device" and in the Mission "Air Superiority" there were a few Callsigns and Numbers that confused me. https://imgur.com/a/5UsgqJx My Mouse was hovering over the "Golf" Marker which indicated that it is the "1st Squad under the Command of Seargent Cooper". But when Crossroads called them in the Radio they responded with "Golf 2-2" and I don't know how that adds up. Why is it the First Squad but uses 2-2 on the Radio? Thx for Answers!
  6. Hello Community, As the title suggested my question is pretty short. Can you publish a custom made campaign (with chapters and stuff) on the Steam workshop? If that's possible I would be really glad to know how to do that. Thx!
  7. Hello Community, I am currently experimenting with the ORBAT Module and I need some new isignias for my campaign. The problem is I don't know which flags were used in the original singleplayer campaign nor do I know where to find them. For example this NATO Flag used in the oringal campaing: (Image) https://ibb.co/eNkaYe Thx for your replies :D
  8. Mister GTX

    Noob - How do you carry / drag someone?

    This topic may be old but I got the same problem now as I am playing antistasi and I see the AI revive and drag heavy wounded soldiers :(
  9. Hello Community, I've downloaded the Arma 3 Development Build and the new Destroyer is great. My Problem is the following. My Idea was to take the interior parts from the destroyer and use them to create a new interior for the aircraft carrier but I got no idea how to do that and maybe one of you got a place where I can start. Thanks in Advance!
  10. Bohemia Interactive said something about new vehicles, will there be new Anti Tank Weapons aswell? Because sometimes I wish I could fire a rocket when prone, that would definitely help in many situations!
  11. Nice but how can you change the mode? Would be interesting if that works for me ^^
  12. Hey :D A long time after this post I am writing to you regarding a serious problem I am currently experiencing. Every time arma 3 crashes I have to start over and create everything new because the savefiles get lost / erased or whatever. And yes there are 1000 tutorials on how to save the files BUT all those tutorials require me to download from armaholic (the download there doesn't work, I just get the "page.php" file) but there is no help if I subscribed it via steam. Kibot, you are my last hope regarding this problem and I hope you read this and that you can help me because that mod is awesome :D Greetings, Mister GTX aka. Lt. Halliwell Sorry for english mistakes :)
  13. Another thing I wanted to mention is that it seems to me that the marshall WANTS to be destroyed because he drives up to that spot and then just stops even under heavy enemy fire :( *Extra Note* The new Fighter Showcase could also be improved. I tried to land on the carrier at the end but there is one parked plane too close to the landing hook and then everything explodes ^^
  14. Hello again dear Community, Some of you may have heard of the glorious DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System) which basically creates a small Campaign where the player is the commander of blufor forces. Those missions can be accessed in the "Scenario" Section (at least I did it that way). Since the last 2 days I have a big problem called "Arma 3 crashed". Yesterday I had to reboot my pc (alt + f4, task manager and cmd killing didn't work) and all of my save files of DUWS were gone, completely erased! Normally in the Scenario Tab there is a button called "resume" where you can load the last save but there is just the button "start" so I have to start again :( Maybe somebody can tell me a bit more where DUWS stores the saves / files or how I can prevent my saves from being erased. *Extra Note* I subscribed to the mod in the steam workshop as I was unable to download it from the armaholic site (If I want to download it I just download the Page called "page.php") - Armaholic Link:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21816 - Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=167274881&searchtext= Thx for any kind of help! Warm regards, Mister GTX aka. Lt. Halliwell
  15. Mister GTX

    AI Squad Commanding

    Yeah true though. And again thx that really helped me with my DUWS Campaign, because going in with a big army isn't funny but with a small CTRG Team and killing the enemies stealthly is much more fun :D