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  1. Hi Community,


    As I was replaying the Air Superiority Mission from the East Wind Campaign I was wondering myself about the Callsigns on the map: https://imgur.com/a/5UsgqJx


    My mouse is hovering over the Squad named "Golf". Now as you can see it is the first squad commanded by Sgt. Cooper but that Helicopter that should pick you up is called Golf 2-2 in the Radio? Can somebody please explain me the numbering system of markers and how units respond in the radio?


    Thx in advance,

    Mister GTX

  2. Hi Community,


    Since Contact came out I was walking around and looking at the placement of objects in the Campaign. In the second mission you get called to a tent which is open on one side and closed on the other one and I would like to do that. Sadly I haven't found a way yet (you can only hide or unhide both doors but not a single one [actually at the decon-tent you can close only 1 door])


    Thx in Advance!

  3. Hello Community,


    I was replaying the Campaing "The East Wind Device" and in the Mission "Air Superiority" there were a few Callsigns and Numbers that confused me.




    My Mouse was hovering over the "Golf" Marker which indicated that it is the "1st Squad under the Command of Seargent Cooper". But when Crossroads called them in the Radio they responded with "Golf 2-2" and I don't know how that adds up. Why is it the First Squad but uses 2-2 on the Radio?


    Thx for Answers!



  4. On 5.2.2018 at 5:49 PM, oukej said:

    Here comes another platform feature for Tanks DLC to have fun with :) Our passionate programmers have added an option to switch the fire modes when using missile launchers, bombs, etc. And more importantly, added few different ways in which the missile can reach its target. 

    In short - you can now switch the missile's flight from a simple direct trajectory to one that better utilizes the tank's weaker armour - e.g. the notorious Top attack. We'll try to add more info as the time flies and as the features get utilized more by the game's assets. As well as we'll update the documentation so you can try out what's under the black box.

    Titan AT






    Bohemia Interactive said something about new vehicles, will there be new Anti Tank Weapons aswell? Because sometimes I wish I could fire a rocket when prone, that would definitely help in many situations!

  5. On 28.7.2013 at 5:45 PM, kibot said:



    Nu1C08s.jpg iPIM0ts.jpg R4eIhYs.jpg tqDG84s.jpg qmqcPrs.jpg

    Dynamic Universal War System (DUWS)





    DUWS 0.8b

    Armaholic mirror (0.8b)

    You can also access the mission with the Steam Workshop.

    Older versions:


    The DUWS generate randomly a mini campaign, with all the enemy zones to capture being randomly generated.

    Or you can also choose to manually place your HQ and the enemy and easily make your own unique "campaign".

    The key here is to have maximum replayability, where the player can setup his own campaign or let the DUWS create everything randomly for him.

    You can play with the DUWS on any island you want, you just have to rename the .pbo file.

    Example: DWS.stratis.pbo >> DWS.chernarus.pbo


    Put the .pbo inside your "Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Missions" folder.

    When you are asked to choose the campaign settings, just use the default parameters and click "start".


    *Play the way you want:

    -Play as a lone wolf or as a SF team, using support assets and gadgets and perform side missions

    -Control your personnal squad of troopers and fight against the OPFOR

    -Control several squads, vehicles and supports and try to retake the island from the enemy

    -...or a mix of all of them

    *Persistent player stats througout the campaigns/missions, allowing the player to play a multi island driven campaign

    *Unlock abilities throughout the campaigns as you gain experience (persistent)

    *Pretty much every location is randomly generated on the map, from the HQ to the enemy zones and side mission locations.

    *Side mission selection screen. Missions are generated randomly.

    *Play the DUWS on any island you want to.

    *VAS by Tonic (Armory)

    *Several support options to unlock (UAV, Arty, Personnal FLIR, VAS, ...)

    *You can define by yourself the HQ, the enemy zones, or just the HQ and let the DUWS generate the zones automatically. You can also let the DUWS create everything by itself. Basicly you decide the level of randomization there is.

    *WARCOM(War Commander) system. BLUFOR forces will try to capture the island, war escalates as the campaign progress.

    *Dynamic weather. At the start of the campaign, you may choose the type of weather (mediterranean, temperate, tropical, arid...). The weather will then be randomly generated according to these parameters.

    *Fully support the High Command module





    None, you can play ArmA III vanilla or use all the addons you want: islands, weapons, gear.

    Note that the DUWS will not show addons that adds BLUFOR units/vehicle, since they are added by hand.

    However, addons that add OPFOR vehicles will be used, since OPFOR vehicles are taken directly from the cfgVehicles classes.


    This mission can be played in coop. Regarding the nature of the DUWS, it must be run on a listen server. Does not work on a dedicated server. I suggest adding a password to your game, so only friends can join and no random guy will be able to trash your game.

    See the ingame manual for gameplay changes.


      Reveal hidden contents


    Changed player stat menu
    Introduced persistent stats:
    -amount of zones captured
    -the islands you have captured
    -number of side mission accomplished
    Added reset stat button. You can reset your persistent stats
    Added new support "vehicle refit"
    Cost of personnal flir upped to 20
    introduced a failsafe for the zone creation
    added a loading screen while searching for the HQ
    added a dynamic weather system, you can also chose your weather type at the beginning at the campaign
    added to possibility to establish FOBs after you have captured your first zone
    updated the DUWS ingame manual
    added ATV in the vehicle menu
    removed accidental parachute spawn
    removed the error that sometimes occurs when fetching into cfgVehicles
    Thanks to Das Attorney for the help
    fixed an issue where the player might die during the init of the missions (very rare)
    Added the WARCOM
    ai skills was broken in ancient DUWS version, now it's functionning properly and you can set the ai skill in the start menu
    player can chose starting army power
    lots of minor bug fixes
    fixed variables names where a few players dindt got the AP bonus
    fixed a bug where the FOB option would not reappear after being denied
    updated name/adjectives pool for the name randomization
    introduced the xp system, based on persistent stats. That means XP is also persistent, if you have unlocked abilities during a campaign, you will keep them if you restart the mission.
    introduced the abilities, based on the xp and thus, abilities are persistents.
    added quick reflexes to abilities
    added advanced conditionning to abilities
    added field surgery to abilities
    added veteran instinct to abilities
    WARCOM: now the task forces will have a marker on their position
    player stats menu accomodated so the player can see his XP now.
    updated army power entry in the manual
    added experience section in the manual
    added a check to the script for the script fetching valid zones to make sure nothing is spawning inside a rock or something weird. Due to these changes, fetching a hq location should take a bit more longer. I also increased the authorized max Z(elevation) difference to make the side missions being generated more quickly.
    when the player was manually placing the HQ, the DUWS was broken. Added another step in the init.sqf
    zones manual placement was also broken, hopefuly fixed now. Check the init.sqf if you are placing the zones by hand.
    fixed a bug where --blank-- would appear on some mission names
    achieving side missions would not give you CP anymore, just fixed that
    switched to dev build of arma
    player can select the blufor ai skill range
    added high command module support with squads, meaning that the player can request squad at the hq now, basicly you can own and order a whole army now if you want to.
    added tooltips at the startup dialog
    divided by 3 the amount of CP you receive when a zone is captured
    player can request supply drops at fobs
    updated to vas 1.6 (meaning you can now change binoculars at armory. Also included localization in german for the VAS)
    added AT specialist and diver to unit list
    using BIS_fnc_findSafePos to generate the position for HQ and side mission. Now, HQ and side mission generation is instantaneous and much more efficient. Generated stuff should now not spawn anymore in odd places.
    tweaked mapsize.sqf to make BIS_fnc_findSafePos usable
    tweaked all the mission files to accomodate BIS_fnc_findSafePos
    tweaked locatorHQ.sqf to accomodate BIS_fnc_findSafePos
    added a check, generated side missions will never be on the same spot
    OPFOR AT and AA specialist are now patrolling the enemy zones.
    increased list of random names
    added helicopter taxi in supports
    changed the spawn location of BLU attack waves, hopefellu commander will not randomly die anymore
    typo correction by FrankHH
    added new support Mk.20 Rockeye II cluster bomb
    using taxi would not cost you any CP
    being denied the LZ would prevent the taxi option to reappear
    QUICKFIX: vehicles would not be created anymore, just fixed that.
    Implemented OPFOR AP management
    changed the zone capture system, now the opfor can, and will try to recapture the zones under blufor control
    fixed bugs at the startup screen
    randomized the delay between assault waves
    Startup help hints are appearing only if it's your first time playing the mission (or this version)
    HQ spawn is now inside a bunker
    minor tweaks and fixes
    revamped the whole side mission generation system, now the player can chose through the strategic map wich mission to play. Missions are generated randomly.
    updated VAS to 1.7
    0.5a (quickfix)
    player could not give SITREP anymore, fixed now
    requesting a vehicle will not blow up the HQ anymore.
    made the instructions inside the init.sqf more clear for when the player is placing manually stuff (hq & zones)
    balancing: when a zone is captured by blufor, both armies are getting equally stronger, thus giving a challenge for the player who wants to play only as capturing the zones
    the HQ will broadcast a message to all BLUFOR units if enemy units are within 300meters of the main base.
    added a new side mission: sabotage
    modified briefings entries
    bought infantry is spawning just outside the HQ.
    sometimes, a random music track is playing when being transported by taxi helo
    modified the request menu GUI
    helo taxi should not stop hovering when being called
    sometimes the player would spawn into the air at mission startup
    When requesting a FOB, the script put it automatically in a valid pos. If no pos are found, request is denied
    added marksman, sniper & spotter in the unit list
    switched to BIS_fnc_findSafePos for finding a zone.
    WARCOM will init even when zones are manually placed.
    added prefabs buildings when zones are created. No more "zone 1", "zone 2", "zone 3", ...
    added the squad manager interface, where you can disband/add units to HC/your own squad
    the game will autosave when a FOB is deployed
    increased the price of motorized scouts and mec. squad
    added new support: specialized infantry training
    HQ and FOBs now have guards
    added radio chatter to HQ 
    BLUFOR skill affects single units now.
    COOP SUPPORT (listen server only)
    typo corrections
    added a random delay before the first wave of OPFOR attack
    player is no longer able to use actions at the HQ and FOBs through AI squad members
    resting will now remove dead bodies
    OPFOR zones spawn further from base now
    player will now be notified when he enters a FOB location
    player will be notified when enemies are close to a FOB.
    player will have to wait more before the DUWS report an impossible zone generation error at startup
    quickfix: HC would not init in SP
    HC squads now have names (fireateam, rifle squad, etc..) instead of Alpha 1-1, etc...
    You can now rename your HC squads
    opfor assault waves spawn outside prefabs
    OPFOR and BLUFOR are now patrolling between the zones
    OPFOR leader will sometimes call for QRF on their position when attacked
    Added TAW viewdistance script (by Tonic) for MP
    added explosive specialist to the list of units
    FOB and HQ guards are equipped with AT and AA
    Added a little loop that should delete de empty groups, hopefully fixing the bug of AI not shooting each others
    quickfix: removed "TF derp" markers on opfor qrf...
    holding control zones gives you CP
    potentially fixed the issue where the AI would stop working properly
    hopefuly fixed the freezes issues
    Changed the weather script. Using "Arid" settings should not cause the crashes anymore.
    added new ability: field repair
    added new support: boat taxi
    added safeties regarding setFog to weather script
    player can now convert CP into AP
    added static defenses to HQ
    added sound effects when unlocking stuff
    player can now purchase static defenses at FOBs
    player can decide if he wants to fast travel with the helo taxi support or not
    tweaked the helo taxi script to avoid bugs
    added new vehicles (MBT and AA afv)
    tweaked the weather.sqf and added debug lines into the .rpt to hopefully fix the AI bug
    removed the OPFOR arty from the random vehicle spawn
    added smoke and chemlight to mark the helicopter lz for the helo taxi script
    0.74a (steam workshop version only)
    added new names to the random names pool
    disabled the dynamic weather to avoid AI bugs
    MP: when a player is killed, only 2 cp are removed
    BLUFOR patrols are now friendly
    added the fob manager
    the player can manually reinforce each fobs
    the player can choose to fast travel between fobs and the main base (can be deactivated at startup)
    the HQ is telling you the AP and the CP when giving a SITREP
    Re-arranged playable units to allow squad-play and more variety. ([b]timsk[/b])
    Players can now respawn at any FoB or main base. ([b]timsk[/b])
    the blufor tracked apc really costs 35 now
    added the CRV-6e Bobcat to purchase
    added a new prefab: camp site ([b]DemolitionsTech[/b])
    added a 3d icon for the officer at the main base
    updated to VAS 2.0
    player is not locked anymore inside the taxi chopper
    modified the spawn position of the requested empty vehicles to avoid the rotor of a chopper bumping into the HQ
    destroyed vehicles, ragdolls, dropped weapons, smokes and chemlights will be deleted 1 hour after being far from the player (v1.7 "repetitive_cleanup.sqf" script by aeroson)
    fixed a bug where there was playable units in the water
    fixed the manual setting of HQ and zones (bugs, player being invincible,...)
    at startup, player can now choose the maxium distance from the HQ when the zones are spawned
    dynamic weather is now enabled again, with the possibility to not enable it at startup
    added names and adjectives to the random name pool
    the player can now choose to place manually the HQ at the startup
    the dialog not showing at startup *should* be fixed
    the menu where the player select random on manual HQ placement should not reopen
    manual placement of HQ is less restrictive
    BLUFOR and OPFOR patrols between zones should be more common
    side mission placement radius is limited to the "zone maximum distance from the hq" set at the startup
    the player can now recruit special operative. They have their own skills, they have special equipment and they stay all the duration of the campaign, they get better as the campaign progresses
    upgraded to VAS 2.2
    quickfix: recruited special operatives should not get stuck inside the HQ
    BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler is used instead of onEachFrame
    personnal FLIR display is synchronized with player stance
    radio towers need only 1 satchel charge to be destroyed now
    in mp, the host can now save even when he has not chosen the squad leader spot in the lobby
    in mp, the host can choose the CP penalty when a player dies in the game lobby
    player cannot save manually anymore (by pressing escape and then "save" in the menu). He must rest, create a FOB or spend 1 CP on a SITREP
    incorporated a revive script for MP (can be disabled in the lobby). (thanks to aeroson for get/set loadout script)
    increased the delay between OPFOR assaults
    reduced the flying altitude for the helo taxi
    the zone generation process has been modified, it takes a bit more time but it MAY prevent the "AI not engaging each other" bug
    added a bottom right message when resting and when the campaign is generated
    made the weather sync in mp more efficent for fog values
    dynamic weather should act more according to chosen startup parameters
    if the player has a GPS in his gps slot in his inventory, his position will be shown on the map
    savegames should now be able to be resumed after closing ArmA3
    added a transparent black background to the dialog interfaces
    english operatives now have english voices
    special ability "field surgery" has an animation now
    removed debug console
    added a new ability: "logistic support"
    each time operators receive a skill bonus, deployed operators will get 10 skill points wich can be spent on any skill the player wants
    for the support "helo taxi", when the pilot leaves the chopper (meaning it's problably disabled), support will be available again
    removed 1 radio chatter file, to make the mission lighter
    added new ability: field commander
    tweaks to the gps marker system
    added dynamic ambient music
    minor fixes to "guards.sqf"
    fixed a bug where the player would suffer lag after 30 minutes (temporary disabled music_loop.sqf)
    removed hq icon (temporary disabled)
    removed the dynamic music (temporary)




    You can remix, tweak, and build upon my work non-commercially, as long as you credit me and license your creations under these same identical terms.

    Click here if you want to help me develop the DUWS by creating little prefabs wich are randomly picked when a zone is created.


    Mission made by kibot.

    VAS script by Tonic.

    Thanks to Kempco for the mapsize script.

    Armaholic for the mirrors

    Everyone who's giving feedbacks, thank you.

    Everyone who's supportive, thank you :).

    How to place manually the HQ and the enemy zones ?

    1)Read the init.sqf more info.

    2)Check this to see wich values you have to modify inside the init.sqf

    I just realized the name of the DUWS is a bit similar to the Dynamic War Sandbox. This mission has nothing to do with it, it's just a coincidence.


    Hey :D


    A long time after this post I am writing to you regarding a serious problem I am currently experiencing.

    Every time arma 3 crashes I have to start over and create everything new because the savefiles get lost / erased or whatever.

    And yes there are 1000 tutorials on how to save the files BUT all those tutorials require me to download from armaholic (the download there doesn't work, I just get the "page.php" file) but there is no help if I subscribed it via steam.


    Kibot, you are my last hope regarding this problem and I hope you read this and that you can help me because that mod is awesome :D



    Mister GTX aka. Lt. Halliwell 


    Sorry for english mistakes :)

  6. 4 hours ago, Wiki said:

    In the combined armed showcase, the blackfoot is destroyed too fast and (almost) everytime (99%)

    The air support is quite useless - so is the marshall.

    They follow their path and gets hit by AA / AT or grenade launcher everytime within seconds.


    Could that be improved?


    Another thing I wanted to mention is that it seems to me that the marshall WANTS to be destroyed because he drives up to that spot and then just stops even under heavy enemy fire :( 


    *Extra Note* 

    The new Fighter Showcase could also be improved. I tried to land on the carrier at the end but there is one parked plane too close to the landing hook and then everything explodes ^^

  7. Hello again dear Community,


    Some of you may have heard of the glorious DUWS (Dynamic Universal War System) which basically creates a small Campaign where the player is the commander of blufor forces. Those missions can be accessed in the "Scenario" Section (at least I did it that way). 


    Since the last 2 days I have a big problem called "Arma 3 crashed". Yesterday I had to reboot my pc (alt + f4, task manager and cmd killing didn't work) and all of my save files of DUWS were gone, completely erased! Normally in the Scenario Tab there is a button called "resume" where you can load the last save but there is just the button "start" so I have to start again :(


    Maybe somebody can tell me a bit more where DUWS stores the saves / files or how I can prevent my saves from being erased.


    *Extra Note*

    I subscribed to the mod in the steam workshop as I was unable to download it from the armaholic site (If I want to download it I just download the Page called "page.php")

    - Armaholic Link:http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21816

    - Steam Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=167274881&searchtext=


     Thx for any kind of help!

    Warm regards,

    Mister GTX aka. Lt. Halliwell

  8. 11 hours ago, joostsidy said:

    I usually do something like this, or guessing certain units are dead and marking them with 5,8. It's funny when they report back, like 'WAIT, I'm not dead!, I'm still here!'

    Yeah true though. And again thx that really helped me with my DUWS Campaign, because going in with a big army isn't funny but with a small CTRG Team and killing the enemies stealthly is much more fun :D

  9. 8 hours ago, mulledk19 said:

    Select units you believe to be dead and ask them to report in (5, 5), if they don't respond, mark them as dead (5, 8). You can also just mark all your units as dead (5, 8) and if they're not, they'll report back to you.

    If you spot a dead unit, you can aim at them and press T to mark them as dead.


    Marking with T that cool thanks :D


  10. Hello Community,


    I am currently playing some singleplayer missions and I am always the leader of a huge AI squad, therefore I started playing the VR Tutorial for commanding but there are still a few things I don't know how to manage.


    Here's a short list:


    - Mark a Squadmember as KIA [SITREP of the AI] (Most of the time 50% of my squad are dead but I can still see their markers in the bottom)

    - Let the AI report their grid (Since I turned map markers for units off, I sometimes cannot see where my team is standing around)


    I would be really glad if somebody could help me because when I search on google I just get advice for scripting these things and I don't know if these functions exist :(


    Have a nice day,

    Mister GTX aka Lt. Halliwell

  11. I don't know who decides the names of an Operation 

    But I think that a high officer chooses the name. I have heard, that the american military has got their own name list for operations. Somtimes the Operation is just named like the task that has to be done.

    In case of Red Wings I think the name just sounded cool :D


    For example in the German Military my friend told me they use animal names to mark targets. For example a Target called Elephant is a bigger target with more guards or more security measures while I pig is a smaller target with less risks to engage. But that depends heavily on the organization and the country (he is in a small scout squad with around 20 men in total)



  12. Ah within the boundaries that seems to be a good Idea!


    So I am back home and I wanted to test it and it still doesn't work :( I placed them inside the presence module boundaries and synced every module with another one and tested it for some minutes, at the "Civilian Presence Position" Module there is a marker with 0/3 but that's all I got :(


  13. Hello Community,


    With the new Mission from the Tac Ops DLC, they have also introduced some new cool Modules for the Eden Editor and I have played around a wile but I still couldn't figure out how the Civilian Presence Modules work :( I would be really thankful if anybody could explain to me how those Modules work!


    Warm Regards,

    Lt. Halliwell, to be continued ...

  14. Hello Community,


    Since there is a new Method to animate Objects called Key Frame Animation I took a closer look at the TAC OPS Mission and for example in the First mission of the "Stepping Stone - Campaign" NATO Forces have CAS (Close Air Support) inbound and the jets appear in a pretty cool way. They fly in and one of them turns to the right and the other one to the left at the exact same time and I wanted to recreate this kind of Animation.


    Here is my Problem: 

    I haven't found any good explanation how to use this Keyframe Animation. After experimenting several hours with this new Animation Process I started to google and found the following page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Key_Frame_Animation . It is well explained here and also a GIF how this should look like but I still don't have a clue how to use this kind of animation because it is just explained in Theory how everything works.


    I am thankful for any kind of link related to this Topic!


    Best regards, Adams "Fucking Greenbacks!" ;)