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  1. On 3/18/2018 at 9:54 PM, lugiahua said:

    Just wondering about the new mini campaign, is there more than one ending?


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    I was captured and executed after my tank was knocked out. Has this to do with high civilian casualty in the previous levels?



    I would assume so.


    I held off both attacks and HQ had me scuttle the tank. Ares surrenders along with the rest of the AAF and is briefly held in a pow camp. Afterwards, he goes back to his hometown. I didn't kill any civilians during the campaign. I guess this is the happy ending.


  2. My predictions?


    CSAT gets the T-14 (pretty much confirmed)

    NATO gets an Abrams variant (either the M1A2 SEP v4 or a more futuristic M1A3) with an autoloader


    Indies are the hardest to guess. The MBT-52 Kuma (aka Leopard 2) is already a heavyweight main battle tank. The only glaring thing indies lack right now are a dedicated anti-air vehicle and dedicated self-propelled artillery.


    One thing I hope is that some of the vehicles that share turrets are updated with unique ones.

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  3. 26 minutes ago, lexx said:

    Stepping Stone / Disintegration Point as Spec-Ops:


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    I have taken down all hostile soldiers near the AT launchers, still the game doesn't recognize the sites as being "taken out" -- even if I disassemble the launchers. Calling in the infantry will always fail. I can even stand right next to the launchers and the objective will fail. Had to assemble the launchers again, then shoot them until !alive, then it worked.



    Also couldn't finish the mission. NATO forces were swarming the village, and I've taken down a fair share of hostiles on my own too (probably could have easily take the whole town on my own either way), yet nothing happened.




    You might have missed some enemies hiding in the buildings. I know there's one officer hiding being a deli counter that tripped me up on my first playthrough. As far as the launchers go, destroying them is the correct thing to do in that situation, as simply disassembling would allow enemies to set them up again (I know it's unlikely the AI would do that, but it's meant to emulate the standard operating procedure in real life).


  4. One thing I haven't seen mentioned in this thread is new gear for individual armored crew members. I'd like to see a new crew helmet for either NATO or CSAT so that they no longer have to share one.


    Additionally, I think it'd be cool to see armored crewman vests, similar to the lightweight version of the IOTV worn by US Army tank crews.

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