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  1. Actually, this is genius! I can use this to display helpful tooltips as well. If I set it to keep detecting how many are left and set it up to tell me how many out of the total are collected, I can use that as encouragement to locate the rest. I really appreciate your time. :D
  2. Definitely helpful. I can place many items and only require a certain amount to continue. That's cool. I'll remember this.
  3. Solved. It won't let me edit the post, but I've solved this by unlinking the group performing the the task from that trigger and using this string.
  4. Unfortunately, I've tried this. It works with every individual item in a simple statement, but the and statements don't seem to work.
  5. Hi there. I'm having an issue with setting a trigger to activate when all items are collected, but I'm having trouble properly formatting an "and" statement. When the item is collected, the deleteVehicle command is used to remove the item from the world space, so I have a statement that basically says "When money 1 AND money2 AND money3 AND money4 AND money5 are not alive, then activate the settaskstate module. The variables for the money items are all set and have a script to delete each item on pickup. What is the proper way to format this statement? I've tried many variants, but this is my current code currently in the init field of the trigger. (!alive money1) && (!alive money2) && (!alive money3) && (!alive money4) && (!alive money5)