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  1. Problems on join I need a trigger to snatch to people from a group and make them join another group. I have options to do a radio-trigger to make say 2 people out of 6 to join a group. But only 2. The group the join is called TRUCKDRIVERGROUP, the leader is called Driver1truck. I dont know which one will be chosen for the "drive Job", therefor i dont know the NAMES of the units-. i tried following -> trigger Area 50x50 blufor present condition (for now) is This ACT failed option 1 [(vehicleVarName (thisList select 0))] joinsilent Sl1; failed option 2 NameVAR1 = vehicleVarName (thisList select 0 NameVAR1 joinsilent Sl1; And tried a lot of others to.. So please help me figure this out.