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  1. The 5th Expeditionary Force is currently looking for more players to fill the roster and to have a blast in the game we all love. We are currently a smaller group so more attention can be given to newer members to help them learn the ropes. Our mod pack is pretty small and easy to install through the steam workshop. We are a casual milsim. No virtual yelling or PT. We are looking for mature gamers and active members. We have a few former and active military members, but we know this is a game and not a job. We are here for fun, not yelling. Our members are on daily playing on the dedicated. • We have a structured weekly OP 3PM EST 8PM GMT Saturdays. • Noob friendly. Will help you learn ACE basics, ARMA basics with a boot camp. • No mandatory attendance, but we aren’t looking to carry dead weight. If you like playing Arma, and want a chill group to play with we are for you. • The server runs an Alive based mission for daily fun, can group up and go daily. You can practice daily CAS support, Carrier OPS. • Based in the US we do have a few UK/EU members We have a dedicated server, Team speak and discord. For more info join our discord https://discord.gg/C5GAucw
  2. American Ace

    5th Expeditionary Force Needs You

    The 5th MEU is always looking for new members! We are now currently looking for recruits interested in running as armor in ops along with looking for infantry as always. We have been growing immensely this past month and hoping to see even more!
  3. American Ace

    5th Expeditionary Force Needs You

    Our numbers are growing but we are still looking for new members! Currently in an anti Insurgent campaign and looking for all roles!
  4. American Ace

    5th Expeditionary Force Needs You

    We just ran one of our best ops to date last night. Our Fireteam Leaders are awesome guys and our radio operators were able to work amazingly to help keep everyone coordinated, both air and land units. Highly recommend checking the 5th MEU out if you're new or veteran Arma player alike that wants serious fun, but without the yelling.